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Keetta asked in Pregnancy & ParentingParenting · 1 decade ago

What do you knwo about SupportKids?

They help collect child support from habitual nonpaying parents. Is this a repuatable company? Do they try to rip you off? They take a fee off the first payment that they help collect then a percentage of each payment collected after that. Have you heard bad things about them?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I made the mistake of signing up with Supportkids. Unfortunately, it has been a year in January and they haven't collected a dime and I believe that is because they might make a call to the deadbeat once a month if I am lucky. The last call was early November and they haven't done anything since. When I contact them for an update, I just get canned answers - mostly that they are running reports trying to find him. I gave them his social, phone and address - why is it so hard to find him and collect the money? They got my hopes up for nothing...I would recommend going through the state or agency/company.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have never heard of them. Take the non-payer to court. Then you will get the money.

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