i went for my second ultrasound today and?

im only 16 weeks and the doctor told me that she was 99.9 percent sure that i am having a girl .. is this too soon? or do you think she is right and can see it clearly to be 99.9 percent sure?

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    i found out with 2 of my babies at 16 and the other at 18 and so far the 16 week and 18 week were right and i just found out dec 6 for the third i was 16 weeks but yeah they know what they are doing i would take it for sure

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    Gendering the baby is possible between 16 weeks and 21 weeks. Of course it's most accurate around 20 - 21 weeks. However, by now if your little one was a boy, the necessary part would be there. If the technician looked and specifically got a good look at the area needed to view and saw nothing there, you will probably have a girl like they said.

    However, usually when you are told an incorrect sex, it is told to be a girl and comes out a boy. Just because, sometime, they can hide "it" depending on the position when the ultrasound is taken.

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    Nothing is ever 100%, until the baby is born. Sometimes it's a bit more obvious than others. I'd wait for your next ultrasound, and then feel confident if they say the same thing...

    Please remember though that it is not completely certain. My sister was told that her 3rd baby was a girl (he's a boy) and that her fourth was a boy (she's a girl.) My doctor actually told me that he has had 2 wrong scans in the last 1200 he's done. Perhaps your doctor knows an approximate on that as well...

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    The doctor does that everyday and if they are that positive then more than likely I would say that she is right. My doctor told that if he is 100% sure he tells you he's 90%. So if your doctor says 99.9 I'm sure it will be a girl.

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    It is said that gender could be deciphered within two months of the fertilization with the realm of technology these days, although there is still a chance for mistakes. I would say it is more than likely to be a girl. The results shouldnt be that off if it were 999 to 1000. I would bet my money on the baby being a girl. Good luck and God Bless. :)

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    Usaually they are right but there are some cases were they are wrong but you can have them check again on yur 2nd ultrasound. I was only 16wks when we found out it was a girl, she told me she was 99 percent sure as well and showed us her actual anatomy in one of the pics. I have a month to go so we will see if she is right.

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    You can see at 16 wks whether its a boy or girl but I dont know if I would count on it 100%. Wait till you have an ultrasound later on and have the tech check again. Good Luck and Congrats.

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    Usually they can tell around 20 weeks.....but remember that it's a better chance of it being wrong if they tell you it's a girl (especially early) tha if they tell you it's a boy. I would wait for 1 more confirmed ultrasound before you go out and start buying pink.

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    that's what the doctor said and if it was too early for them to do it, then i'm quite sure they would not have done it. did you see it for yourself, maybe you should have seen it for yourself is you're second guessing the doctor's answer. see if they can provide you with an ultrasound picture if you have questions about the baby's ultrasound.

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    I was told for sure boy at 15 weeks ☺

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