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Can someone tell me how does critical reading and writing differ from casual reading and writing?

Trying to learn more about casual and critical writing and reading and how it can differ and affect us daily

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Casual reading and writing is just reading and writing that you do for fun and enjoyment. This could be readingbooks from you favorite author or reading the newspaper in the morning.

    Critical reading and writing are things that I associate with what you do in school. You really try to analyze what you are reading. Delving into charaters, plots, etc are aspects of critical reading. Critical writing is responding to what you have read.

    Source(s): English education student!
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  • 1 decade ago

    'Critical' writing usually forms part of an assignment of some kind (set by a teacher, or maybe you have to review a book, something like that) and so there'll be some kind of framework that you have to follow; whereas 'casual' means you're doing it for your own pleasure, whatever turns you on.

    So in a 'critical' assignment set by a teacher, you may be asked to compare the approach of two (maybe more) writers to the same topic, and in a book review you're under an obligation to read the whole darned thing and give the reader a thorough idea of what the book's about - no skipping chapters here, I'm afraid - and you may also have to point out any glaring errors the author made, or if the author takes a standpoint that's very different from the commonly accepted one. (You may also get to say whether you enjoyed it, but that's usually a secondary factor unless you're so famous that other people will care whether you enjoyed it).

    By the way, the composer Sibelius said 'Nobody ever put up a statue to a critic.'

    I hope that clarifies.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Casual reading/writing is for enjoyment/entertainment. When you perform these tasks critically, you strive to find meaning. For instance, you could read a work critically from a feminist standpoint, looking for what the work says about women, how society affects women, etc. There are many schools of critical thought, and so many methods for reading critically.

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