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Guild Wars?

what is a good build for a Devrish?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dervish are an incredibly kick *** class.

    When you are trying to decide upon a "good" build it is important to remember that dervish are insanely flexible and can be built as extremely high damage dealers OR as insanely reslilent "supertanks"

    I prefer something somewhat in the middle, I like to deal good damage but I hate wading into massive groups of foes (where I am most useful due to the fact that Dervish attack multiple enemies) with less than adequate protection.

    In most areas of the game you will find that:

    Victorious Sweep, Mystic Sweep, chilling Victory, Watchful Intervention, Faithful Intervention, Heart of Fury, Avatar Of Balthazaar and a re-usable res of your chioce will allow you to pump out a great amount of damage and allow you to be one TOUGH SOB.

    The key is keeping Watchful and Faithful Intervention up all the time, which is not difficult to do.

    In harder areas, like Torment, you will probably want to sub in Vow Of Silence for Avatar of Balthazaar, the armor sacrifice is significant, however if you cast it after your other enchants are up, and you spam it as soon as it ends, you are totally immune to big caster damage and your enchants can't be stripped (except by an assassin which you will not find in the harder areas of nightfall) so your exnhant base attacks are hitting VERY hard. It is also a good idea when using Vow Of Silence as an elite to sub out Heart of Fury for Mystic Vigor, which will end up healing you for HUGE amounts when you attack multiple enemies.

    If you are playing in Kryta (or any place there are a lot of Undead) you will want to swap out Heart of Fury in favor of Heart Of Holy Flame, which with DOUBLE your damage and cause anything that survives your first few attacks to burn!

    any of the builds mentioed above work best with a Zealous prefixxed Scythe, Fortitude or Enchanting are the best suffixes. 15% over 50% health OR 15% while enchanted are the most desirable inscriptions for these builds.

    Attribute points should be used to max out Scythe Mastery and Mysticism. Anything left over should be used to buff the rez spell you chose to bring, or simply not used (all of these skills are Scythe Mastery or Mysticism Skills)

    A perfect rune set would be, Major Scythe Mastery on your head piece.(superior is ok but -75 health is a LOT to pay for only a few extra points of damage)

    Minor mysticism (major is also ok, but again the health sacrifice is rather large)

    Superior Vigor ( major if you can't afford superior)

    Attunement and/or Survivor runes to fill the gap.

    You will want to use Radiant Insignias on all armor pieces as your enchants provide plenty of protection.

    A zealous Scythe Snathe is a MUST, otherwise energy management is impossible.

    Good Luck with your Dervish!!!

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