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2 friends what questions to ask themselves if they are true friends???

ok I got 2 friends fighting over stupid ****. So I thought if I made a list of questions for them to ask themselves and then send it to both of them. The questions would show how much they truely care for each other. Question like if the other was dieing and you was called would you come to save her?? maybe not that big but question like that to see how good of friends they are and show them this friendship isn't worth fighting over stupid **** when they can talk and get it over.

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  • Cris O
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    1 decade ago
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    1. What attracted you to ____as a friend in the first place?

    2. Are those things still true?

    3. Is this conflict truly big enough to let a good friendship die?

    4. Has this person comforted you in the past when you were sad or hurt?

    5. If you end this friendship, will you miss the comfort they've given you?

    6. Has the friend given you presents you cherish just because they were from them?

    7. Do you have lots of pleasant memories with this person?

    8. Have you shared personal information with this person?

    9. If so, did they share it with others or keep it private?

    10. Does this person validate your feelings or make you feel worthless?

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  • 1 decade ago

    why did i choose the person i did to be my friend ?

    How many people can i consider a friend and who are they ?

    What do i need in a friend ?

    What can i offer to someone that is a friend ?

    What do ______ and i have in common ?

    What would cause me to loose a friend and why?

    why do i enjoy having _____ as a friend ?

    Who can i count on when i need it most ?

    Who was there for me when my ex left and i was totally bumed?

    Who can i cry to if someone really close to me died ?

    Hows that

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