Hi! I'm a female. How should I dress and behave for a job interview (business/casual)? Thanks.?

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    Always dress for the next level of employment when interviewing. So you need to appear as professional as the boss you will report to.

    You can NEVER go wrong with a classic dark suit (with skirt), button down blouse, skin colored pantyhose and mid heal pumps.

    Your makeup and hair should be natural (but use makeup!)

    Bring a pad of paper and pen to take notes. Ask good questions about the company, position and person interviewing you, do NOT ask questions about pay and benefits.

    Speak clearly and slowly, act enthusiastic and interested.

    Get business cards from anyone that interviews you, ask how long they are going to take to move to the next level and send thank yous.

    You will do great! Good luck

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    you should always wear formal business attire for any formal job interviews... For dinner interviews, business casual is acceptable.

    As for behavior, make sure that you open up to them (in a professional, friendly manner) so that they can sense who you really are. Make sure that you show that you're interested in the company by asking relevant questions about the industry, position, and the people. For that you need to do your research first (look at their company's website or www.vault.com). Even if you don't have enough qualifications (in your mind), but if you know inside out about the company, the position, and what you can contribute... you'll have a big chance of getting in than those who are overly qualified but know nothing.

    Good luck!

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    Dress in a suit or pantsuit. Even if the interviewing for a company that generally allows its employees to dress more casually, a prospective employer appreciates it when the person they're interviewing looks professional and appears as if she takes the interview (and possible employment) seriously.

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    I think the most important thing for you to do is be yourself. If you're fake at the interview ( and the interviewer doesn't pick up on it) then you later act yourself you may be up for the boot! try explaining that at the next interview. Be confident in your abilities and don't B/S yourself or the prospective company.

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    Nice blazer and button down shirt and slacks

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