If you and your ex gets back together after being separated for a few months and you go back to the way ?

things use to be what is wrong with have sex with him on that the first outing if things picked up right where they left off before the two of you broke up. I left him because I needed more then what he was willing to give as soon as he came home from Afghanistan. I wanted him to keep all the promises he made while he was over there, but I wanted them as soon as he came home he could not give it to me so I left. I do think he had some other things going on so me leaving was probably what he needed as well. Now we are both in a different place, I am still in love with him, and things are back to the way they use to be and as far as sex it has been a while, but if I have sex with him will I ruin what we are trying to build or since we are both mature adults does it really matter. I am not asking for permission nor do I need it, but I do know that women can screw things up for themselves just because they are in love.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is why it is never a good thing to get back with an ex. If I were you I would walk away now and not look back.

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