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VASGX Mutual Fund?

I am 26 and a beginner in MF investment. I am considering investing $5000 in VASGX Mutual Fund. Did I make right choice? Please advice...

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    It seems to be a good fund. It has a 4 star morningstar rating, and it has historically outperformed the market. One question that must always be taken into account when making investments lies around the purpose and time horizon for the investment. Is this money earmarked for retirement, or is it going to be used to purchase a home in a year or so...? These are questions that must be answered in order to make proper decisions around investing in anything, mutual funds included.

    Another main consideration when making investments lies within diversification. Asset allocation and balancing investments between fund classes is important. If this is indeed an investment geared towards the long term, balancing this fund with other investments could be a wise move.

    Overall the Vanguard Life Strategy Growth Fund does appear to be a good fund with a solid track record. Make sure that you have taken into account your investment purpose and other considerations before you dive deeply into investments.

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    The "right" choice...I don't know, but it is a VERY GOOD choice.

    It's been solid and stable, a nice place for money to grow.

    If you are a "beginner" I might also suggest that you start with maybe two funds...something a little more venturesome for the second..... Vanguard has a nice "international" fund in VHGEX

    I'm not sure of Vanguard's minimum investment requirement, but if you could go 3 in one and 2 in the other ( or 4 and 1) you can hold them for six or nine months and compare your gains percentage-wise.... That's when investing gets fun.

    Good luck...

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    looks to be a good choice from a food fund company

    4 stars from morningstar, .26% expenses, very cheap, they do the asset allocation for you

    stick with it and push the money in and look for a good retirement, good luck

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    depending on when you put in the investment.. the chart looks good, but again, it follows the market trend!

    Now it may be little too late

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