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do you like living in CT?

i am thinking about moving to CT, can anyone give me some advice about where to find a house? what there is to do? the cost of living? medical jobs around CT?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It really depends on which part of Connecticut you are looking into. Fairfield County (especially the southern part of the county) is very expensive as many of its residents are commuters that work in NYC. This, unfortunately, leads to heavy traffic in that part of the state especially during rush hour. Generally, the farther away from the NYC metro-area you get, you'll find more affordable areas to live with less congestion. There are numerous hospitals and medical centers in the state (Yale and UConn Health Center being two notables) so it's a good choice for a job in that industry. Given that most of Connecticut's population resides in the southwestern part of the state, most hospitals are there as well. However, the Hartford area also has a few medical centers and is more affordable. As far as things to do, Connecticut has a nice shoreline along the Long Island Sound. It is also home to two world-renown casino resorts (Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun), several minor league sports teams, as well as excellent Men's and Women's College Basketball teams. Depending which side of the state you live in, Boston and NYC are within a 1-4 hour drive. If you are looking to live in an area with a lot of nearby attractions and can tolerate New England winters, Connecticut is a good choice.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago and put in different areas that you find on an altas.

    We were supposed to move there last year but it fell through and we stayed here...

    This is exactly what I did. We were looking in the New Haven/New London area.

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