I need help with a guy.?

Four months ago, I started to really like this dude. We started dating and were so happy. It was the happiest two months of my life. Then I made the stupidest mistake I've ever made. He didn't trust me about something. Another guy liked me and the guy I was dating was afraid I would not like him anymore and fall for the other dude. It felt weird knowing he didn't trust me, so I broke up with him. The next day, he started going out with a girl who was, at that time, a close friend of mine. I was heart-broken. I've had three boyfriends since the break up, and it's been two months. The problem is, I'm still not over him. I still love him and think he's absolutely perfect. I want to get over him, and I also want to be friends with my old friend who is still going out with him. It's been rocky between the two of us ever since then. I need help because I just don't know what to do. Everything I've tried, has failed. What can I do to get over this dude, or to help me move on?

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    baby girl, for now, just concentrate on yourself. go and do things that you want to do. join a gym or some type of activities. keep you mind busy. you'll feel better doing things that would improve yourself. once you gain yourself back to center, contact your friend to do things together. the most important of all relationship that you'd mentioned is the friendship that you'd lost.

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    If you truly like him and want him back, stop dating all the other guys. Well first of all there must have been something that you did to make him feel that you could not be trusted. It doesn't look good that you have had several boyfriends since the two of you parted and that surely makes you look even less trustworthy. The close friend of yours that dated him should still be your friend, after all, you broke up with him. be single for a while and don't put yourself in situations where he might be left to wonder what your motives are. If you are meant to be together and he sees that you might be worth trusting again...maybe you'll be lucky enough to win him back. He has no reason to believe that you like him still or think him perfect if you keep dating other guys.

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    i give you my sympathy. i've been in a tight spot like that before. my advice: tell your friend how you feel. friendships are what holds this world together. don't let it fall apart. tell the guy you still like him alot and that you're sorry if he didn't trust you.also tell him that you are good with your friend and are just happy to be around him,even if you're just friends. perfect way to rebuild your relationship.good luck! p.s never lie or do things you might regret later, like dating his best friend or spreading rumors.

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    i can help you get over him...

    the core to your issue is what you got from him while you dated him....you got the feelings of love and acceptance for who you really are...

    if you care for more... just let me know...here to help..

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