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Is a scam?

I am thinking of reporting all the posts by this person who keeps advertising this site.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    It's not a scam, but the product isn't as beneficial as they say it is. I have done extensive research on functional fruit juices, and it just can't compare to some others. It definately is a business opportunity, and many people in Yahoo are asking for specific business opportunities. I don't understand why that is a violation of the terms of service when someone asks directly for a business and she answers just like all these people who advertise treasuretroopers and cashcrate. I think if you don't want to look at those answers....then don't.... but rather than reporting it, just keep going to a subject that interests you.

    I really don't like this tattle-tale attitude people have, if you don't want to read it, then carry on. There are lots of questions I get tired of reading like "How can I own a business with no investment?" I see that one thousands of times, it cannot be done, yet people keep asking. Rather than report them, I just go to the next question.

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  • 1 decade ago moms cousins friend came to my house trying to sell mom bought it..its supposed to help you in everything that you and your body do! hahaha...idont know if it works..but you should report the people who advertise here...

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