Honda Civic for sale, is it a good deal?

I am thinking about buying a 1990 honda civicwith 150000 miles on it v4 automatic for $1500.

Is it a good deal? it does have alot of miles on it, but I know that hondas last a little bit longer usually


It is is good condition, it has a body kit on it

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    This really depends on the trim level (ie: DX, LX, EX) also it will depend on the maintainance records. Hondas are very well know for being dependable and lasting for many many miles so this may be a great deal. Before anything, ask to take the vehicle to a Honda dealer service department and perform a 27 point inspection which comes free with an $19.99 oil change and have the technician inspect the brakes, spark plugs, transmission, Boots, suspension etc... If it comes clean you have a great deal, If not, then you lost $19.99 but at least you aren't spending a fortune on repairs. Good luck!

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    No its a horrible deal. Now a days you could get 1993+ civic eg/ek for that price. My brother bought a 97 gsr civic for 4000. chassis had about 150 engine was bought by owner with 30-60,000 miles and the old owner put on like 10,000.

    a 90 model civic is sure as hell not worth 1500. 500 sounds a bit better. UNLESS your getting a killer soundsystem with dvd and all the lil xtra goodies

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    I just traded in a 98 civic on a new car and got $1500 for it. I'd say the 90 should be a better bargain. Offer them $1000 or less. Also, research blue book value. Good luck!

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    As a rule a properly maintained Honda will give many miles of reliable driving, one thing that rings alarm bells is it has a body kit fitted.I find that people who fit them often care more about how the car looks than long term life.

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    Take it to a mechanic and have him look over it for major problems. You can't pick it apart, it's a 16 year old car it will have problems. If the Ac works then it's a good deal.

    If the Ac does not work then offer 1000.00 it will cost you about 900 to fix the AC if you need it fixed.

    The ground effects are actually considered a deduction in the used car world. I know it looks cool but most people don't want them.

    Source(s): GSM Honda Dealer
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    1000 - 1200 would be decent price, as as per the year, you wont get out class car. But yes indeed it worth that much approx in market. So start from 1000 and close at 1200. Best of luck. Happy Honda-ing. Cheers.

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    Before you make an offer, have a reliable mechanic check it out. You should find someone who will do this for about $60. Could be the best $60 you ever spent. If the car is in good shape, I suggest offering $1200.

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    it is a good deal, Honda's are always more expensive than other car brands coz they so reliable and they last basically forever, so you'll always pay more for a Honda than something like a ford but I'd get a mechanic to look over it just to be safe.

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    I Traded my 91 Firebird for a 91 Honda Civic Lx, the honda dealer wanted 2998 for it, gave me 2998 for my trade, and my firebird was in worse shape than the Civic. My Civic only has 152xxx miles on it. I say go for it, and when in doubt, test drive it first.

    Source(s): I work for a small car lot that deals with lots of hondas.
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    Since you don't mention the condition I would ask a Honda dealer what he would give you if you were to trade it in? Let him go over it and assess it's worth. Let you know what you are in for.

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