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Why is my dog misbehaving as she gets older?

My gigi is a chow mix and as a pupy (3 to 8 months) she was very obedient and listened and I only had to tell her no once. However now that she is older (about a year and a half) she is getting very destructive, she eats my stuff (socks, shirts whatever she can get her teeth on) I'm told it could be separation anxiety but I'm doing everything the professionals say and more and still no results. I actually have to resort to growling at her or a rolled up newspaper to get her to listen and even that is short lived. Any suggestions out there?


What's baffling is that I spend so much time with her. We play for at least an hour every day not counting the times I walk her and the time in the morning before I leave for work. Even when I'm busy she is with me. sitting on the couch chewing her bone or something but I have to watch her cause if she disappears once she turns the corner she'll have something shes not supposed to have in her mouth.

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    She is in her teenage rebellion mode. As a pup most pups are submissive naturally. However, is is growing up and getting strong willed. Right now its comparble to being a teen and she is also trying to establish pack order. Seeing how much she can get away with. Do not use the newspaper because it could lead to fear aggression or aggression. First why is she allowed in place where she can be destructive. You are going to have to watch her or be crating her. Because its just 1 more point for her if she tears up another sock.

    Practice nothing in life is free


    Also read this on destruction


    Here is whole list of info


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    maybe obedience training??? or try and get her a chew toy and put all your stuff that she might chew up high so she can't get it. show her that what she is doing is not acceptable and try putting her in a cage. give her a treat if u come home and don't see everything messes up. then, the next time she messes something up, and doesn't get a treat, she will know that was wrong. best of luck!

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    oh boy we are in the same boat...my dog was good as a little puppy and listened well. now she is eating furniture and destroyed our couch, not matter how much time i spend with her. the only time she is alone is when im at work, otherwise, she goes everywhere i do. i think she is probably testing you to see what she can get away with, and get more attention. i don't know, but i feel your pain on this one! good luck.

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    I would recommend finding a chow breeder in your area and ask her. Chows can be very assertive dogs and sometimes it's hard to train them.

    Also, you were a teenager once, right ;0) Welcome, you are now in the teenage years of your dog. Patience works best along with repetition. Find a good training club and take her to classes.

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    If she hasn't gone through obedience training, this is a good start. It she has, I would call the vet to see if they have an animal psychologists number on hand that you can call and set up an appointment with.

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    the main trick to get a dog to be less distructive is to ignore it more. most of the time when your dog destroyes something it is usualy to get attemtion. im not saying when she is destroying ignore it but othe times when it is being o.k you ignore it.

    if that doesnt work thean just send the dog to its basket and if it goes out of their without permishion. grab its coller and rag it about. this will choke it a little bit and then take it to its basket and tell it to stay.

    the second time, you hit it(but not that hard) and send it to his basket. then it will know that it shuoldent come out of its basket untill you say it can. repeat this again untill she obayes then if you areputting your socks on, send her to her basket and she will stay there and thean when you finish you can tell her she can come out

    after time the dog will fear and respect you, but dont punish her too hard becaus thats just mean.

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    your in my same boat I have a mini dachshund just starting this non sense and it may not stop unless you get firm I will say and nip it at the bud or we both need training classes, mine is in some now but nothing is helping but kudos and I hope u get the help you need!

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    It think you should feed it and play with it and take care of it if that does not work then take it to dog place and tell them y he is miss behaving

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    Maybe she is getting grumpy. Maybe when she or he was a pup u trained them to be like that. So u gotta let her no ur boss and wat she did was wrong. Put her nose in in and say BAD GIRL!!! In a low voice it helps trust me. And also train her to be good. Cause then wen u got a good dog they'll be ur best bud 4 life.

  • crazyforboxers said it for me. Read that one again.

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