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Can you be honest with me even if it's bad ?

Here's the entire thing: I never had someone to love or as you might say girlfriend because when I was in the first grades and just before highschool many girls would make fun of me (don't know why) and I fear that if I have a girlfriend I would not know how to behave to her...I mean I know I should love her (if I do) and don't care about anything else but...When I do not know if a girl likes me or not I do not care, but when I know that she does like me I and tries to get close to me, It's like I close myself in some mental trap that dissables me to conect emotionally to her or to aproach her...I become very tense...if you know, please tell me why is that and what should I do ?...The fact that I never was in touch with girls except having many friends girls made me to hold my emotions inside me and I know that I can love like no one else...Man, this is really hard for me to admit this...I'm also afraid that I'll get dumped quickly if it doesn't workout and suffer another trauma.


I was thinking the same thing. Women should be loved not understood, I mean you should understand theyr feelings and respect them.

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    i like that your name is chuck.

    good luck , chuck.

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    I had sort of similar experience.

    Wasn't teased so much. Just ignored, mostly cuz I was being myself and wouldn't play football. I was big and strong so no teasing.

    Just try to do things that will put your NEAR women, then relax if you can, say hi, then find a topic in common, smile. If its working talk with her more. Don't be pushy. don't show that kind sentimental side too soon either. Don't worry too much if they don't like you or even to try to understand why, women are VERY strange.

    Just get some money and a nice body and they will flock to you but those are not the ones you want.

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    Thats one of the things about life; you sometimes take a gamble with your emotions. You either put yourself out on the line and risk getting hurt, or you keep yourself withdrawn and never have someone to love. Its just a risk that you take. If you find someone and you get dumped, so what? Just means that it wasn't the right person. Someone else will come along. There's someone out there for everyone. You'll only "suffer another trauma" if you let yourself. Sometimes you just have to be the duck, and let it roll off of your back.

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    I (kind of) have the same problem. I know what you're talking about with the mental barrier, and holding your emotions inside you. I have lots of friends who are girls. Be more open with yourself and talk freely. You have to show your emotions, because all your fear, anger, hatred, and jealousy will bottle up inside you. Let it out, and be more open of people. Learn how to trust, and you'll be much better off in life. If you have a girlfriend, treat her as a best friend, because she should be. If things don't work out, then accept it and move on. It's part of life, and you should learn how to deal with it.

    Trust me, because it works. I had this same problem and my girlfriend helped me through it.

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    Nobody likes to get hurt, but it happened to the best of us.

    That's what life is about. You shouldn't be so uptight and enjoy yourself instead of worrying about what might go wrong. Trial and error is how we find our life time partner.

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