How do i hide the box that displays things i've searched for on the yahoo search.?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your previous search items showing up is simply Internet Explorer's AutoComplete tool doing its job.

    To turn off AutoComplete for forms, such as web search boxes, go to Tools, click Internet Options, go to the Content tab, click the Settings button under the AutoComplete section, and uncheck the "Forms" box. This window also displays instructions on how to clear the AutoComplete words already stored.

    However, turning off AutoComplete forms will not only effect search engine (such as Yahoo or Google) AutoComplete. It will turn off AutoComplete for things such as your address or name that you enter in on other forms, which some people rely on so that they don't have to enter in this information every single time they buy or order something. If you don't mind this, though, then feel free to turn them off as much as you want.

    If you're worried about someone else seeing what you have recently searched for, but you still want to have access to this during your session, you can either just clear it out from within IE before you log off, or download the program CCleaner ( CCleaner clears out many temporary files and unneeded files in Windows, including browsing history and AutoComplete history. You can just set it to clear forms, and then run it whenever you log off.

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    If you just want to delete the list of sites you've visited, whether you found them via Google or got to them some other way, you need to clear your browser's history and cache. In Internet Explorer:

    * Click on the Tools menu

    * Click on Internet Options...

    * Click on the General tab, if it's not already showing

    * In the Temporary Internet files section, click on Delete Files...

    * Make sure Delete all offline content is checked

    * Press OK

    * In the History section, click on Clear History, and answer Yes to the confirmation.

    * OK your way back out.

    If what concerns you is the list of previous search terms that start to show as you type in a new search term for Google, that's just your browser's AutoComplete feature at work. It works on most web forms, and the Google search page is just one of those forms. To delete the contents of the AutoComplete list in Internet Explorer:

    * Click on the Tools menu

    * Click on Internet Options...

    * Click on the Content tab

    * In the Personal information section, click on the AutoComplete button

    * Click on the Clear Forms button, and answer Yes to the resulting confirmation

    Your Google AutoComplete history, as well as the AutoComplete history for any other web forms is now erased

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    My yahoo search bar has a black half diamond, c on it a drop down menu has options on it c that it has enable auto c. ---search---more options---clear history. maybe this is what you want

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    Easy Steps here:

    R\click on START , Properties, Customize , CLEAR ,OK , OK.

    THAT ALL :)


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