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Who knows something about Steaua Bucuresti?

I think is a good team, they made some nice matches @Real and Lyon, they could win the UEFA cup in 2007?

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    1 decade ago
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    FC Steaua Bucureşti is a Romanian football club based at Ghencea Stadium, Bucharest, Romania. It was founded on June 7, 1947 as ASA Bucureşti (Asociatia Sportivă a Armatei - English The Army Sport Association). The club changed its name several times before settling on Steaua (English: "The Star") in 1961.

    Being the only Romanian football team and the first in Eastern Europe, to win the European Champions Cup in 1986, having also won the European Super Cup in 1987, Steaua is the most successful and the most popular football club in Romania. Alongside the two European trophies, they have also won 23 National Football Championships, 20 Romanian Cups and 5 Romanian Super Cups

    The club is historically known as the Romanian Army sports club. The football department separated from the Romanian Ministry of National Defence in 1998, and the only links to the Army right now are the historical tradition and their home ground, Ghencea Stadium, which still belongs to the Ministry of National Defence but has been leased on a 49 year long period to the football club.

    Since 2002, the club has been run by Romanian businessman George Becali, who purchased a majority stake and turned it into an SA (Romanian PLC).

    The other sections of CSA Steaua Bucureşti are Rugby, Ice Hockey (autonomous – Hochei Club Steaua Suki Bucureşti), Handball, Water Polo, Basketball (only a youth section at present), Volleyball, Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Boxing, Paddling, Shooting, Weightlifting, Fencing, Tennis and Judo. Also in existence is Clubul Sportiv Steaua Wu-Shu (Martial Arts), run by current FC Steaua owner George Becali, with no link to CSA Steaua.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Steaua Bucuresti is the most successful team in ROMANIA, winning the Romanian league on 23 occassions.

    many player from this club make up the national team, Gheorghe Hagi was one of the players who used to play for this club.

    Steaua Bucuresti is the first team from Eastern European team to win the prestigious UEFA European Cup. they beat FC Barcelona of SPAIN 2-0 on penalties after both team were level at 0-0. the final was held in Seville, Spain on 07 May 1986.

    this season, they are one of the favourites to win the 2007 UEFA Cup.

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  • 4 years ago

    they seem to be a Romanian team who flow to the UEFA cup semi-finals. they're based in Bucharest. they had to conquer city opponents speedy Bucuresti to get to the semis. they could be interior the appropriate, if it weren't for some terrible defendeing and a few success for Boro.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Me,me,me!!!I am from Romania!You too?I love this team and I like your question!Is a hard teamFC Sevilla but they can pass through them!

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