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Me asked in Arts & HumanitiesDancing · 1 decade ago

I'm starting a jazz dance class at my college next week, what should i buy?

shoes (what kind are best?)

leotards, obvioulsy... but what style?

what's "cool" to wear to jazz class?

like can cami tanks be worn over leotards?

are tights necessary?!

and surely shorts or pants can be worn over leotard?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    First of all, don't buy anything yet. Your jazz teacher may have some specific things he/she will want you to have. Wait until your first day of class and find out what your teacher requires or doesn't require, as the case may be.

    As for the other items...

    Shoes...I usually went barefoot to jazz class, but my emphasis was on modern, so I was comfortable with that. I know lots of people who liked plain black jazz shoes. You can find these at any dance store. Capezios are fine for a beginning jazz dancer. Ballet shoes will also be sufficient if your teacher requires that you wear shoes. Sometimes I even was told to wear a pair of indoor sneakers for certain kinds of dancing. Again, it all depends on your teacher.

    Leotards...just wear whatever is comfortable. Don't worry about style. Be comfortable! If you're not comfortable, you won't have fun dancing. Find a style that works for you.

    What's cool? It's just cool to dance, don't worry about what's cool to wear.

    Some people wear cami tanks or tight t-shirts over their leotards. I did if it was a cold day, but you don't have to.

    Tights are usually not necessary in a jazz class.

    I usually wore some sort of dance pants over my leotard, but I wouldn't wear shorts. First of all, if you do any floor work, you might get a serious floorburn. Second, I don't find them comfortable, but dance pants are a necessity.

    If you get cold in just dance pants and leotards (which I sometimes did, I went to college in the snow and mountains) then I sometimes would wear a pair of cut off sweat pants over my dance pants, but I took them off when I got to class, because as soon as you start moving, you'll be warm and by the end of class you'll probably be steaming hot and sweating.

    Don't worry too much about what you wear to class. Just have FUN!!!! Dancing should be fun! :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Relax all you'll need are black jazz pants and jazz shoes. You can find them at any dance store.

    Leotards are fun, but they are not worn a lot for jazz, regular clingy tank tops are the best.

    Its much easier and classier to wear jazz pants over a leotard.

    I wouldn't recommend shorts unless they are stretchy and your class is EXTREMELY casual.

    Tights are not necessary in jazz.

    Its cute to wear a cami over a leotard, especially if there is a big contrast between the colors.

    1-2 inch strap, U shaped neckline leotards are the best style for jazz.

    Never wear a leotard for jazz without pants or shorts.

    Its really cute to wear Bermuda shorts/capri jazz pants with some cute design on them. Like your name or DANCE printed on them, don't go overboard. Layering a leotard and a cami is also cute. Its also really cute if you wear your hair in two casual buns. Like pigtails, except in buns. Its also very cute if u wear a black clingy cami, with black jazz pants (of some sort), no prints/ designs on them, just black. I've also seen people show off a little tummy midriff with that black style and that looks cute too. I don't know your style so i can't help that much, but this is just in general. Good luck in class (:

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  • 1 decade ago

    It must be exciting starting jazz class. Jazz is very fun and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. About what you should wear to class, check with the teacher and make sure there isn't a dress code. Some teachers like their students to wear certain things and despise other things. Your best bet is to check with the teacher first.

    If there really isn't any guidelines as to what you should wear, go with what your comfortable in.

    Shoe wise, you could get jazz shoe or a jazz tennis shoe. Try both on and see which one you like better. The jazz tennis shoe has a thicker bottom making you higher off the ground where as the jazz shoe is similar to a ballet shoe,( not as bulky as the jazz tennis shoe) but it has a slight heel.

    Leotards, if there is no dress code, go with one you are comfortable in. Try a few on and see which on fits the best. Cami tanks can be worn over your leotard, if your teacher allows it.

    Your should ask your teacher if tights are neccessary. Most of the time you have to wear them. But if your teacher says you don't have to wear them, I guess you wouldn't have to. If you have to wear tights, buy convertable tights. Usually in jazz,the tights get rolled up to anywhere below the knee, exposing the calf.

    Again about the bottoms, ask your teacher what is allowed. If allowed you could wear shorts or pants over your leotard. If not ask about wearing leggings. I like to wear leggings in the winter because it keeps my legs warm without being to bulky.

    Mostly though it is just about being comfortable. You can always pack a few extra pieces in your bag and see what everyone else is wearing when you get there and put on something different if your uncomfortable. And don't forget to check with your teacher.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I second the last post. I wouldn't purchase anything until the dance teacher specifically tells you what is needed for the dance class. I am a dancer and a dance teacher. You just want to make sure to spend money on what you need. Good Luck. You will enjoy the dance class.

    Source(s): I am a dancer and a dance teacher
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  • 1 decade ago

    Never wear shorts over leotards, that looks extremely TACKY. A good source for dance wear is Visit the link I attached. A lot of it is stylish and very comfortable.

    as for a camisol over a leotard ??? I think you are talking about a UNITARD!!! never wear a unitard!!!

    but if you were not talking about a unitard, I think a camisol with a leotard isn't as cute as the clothes on Nike.

    by the way, call leotards "leggings".

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  • 1 decade ago

    i took jazz class and i got this:

    a pair of jazz shoes form LEBO`S

    a black leotard from lebos too i think

    and a pair of tan tights form lebos

    ok well um LEBO`S is good for dance stuff

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  • jon h
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    wear a black short sleave or sleveless leotard

    yes tights are very important and necessary when wearing a leotard

    - they should be either: white, black or pink tights

    you shuold never wear shorts or pants over a leotard: thats what the tights are there for

    ballet shoes would be best

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