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what stores shud i shop at in america (teen)?

im 14 but i do consider myself fashionally advanced is that makes sense. where should i shop.. abercrombie?wet seal?forever 21..?

by the way, im coming from canada. i know the stores, but only thru online browsing..

wet seal is cheap but is the quality any good

tell me more inexpensive hip store.

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    ~Hollister... even though it may seem expensive, if you go in the back of the store, you can find shirt originally $24.50 for 10 or 15.

    ~Wet Seal... not that expensive and very trendy clothes!

    ~H&M... I've never really been in the store, but I've heard that the stuff is cute and cheap

    ~Abercrombie... sometimes, stuff will be on clearance for low prices, but overall, very cute clothes

    ~Forever 21... very cute clothes.

    ~American Eagle... my FAVORITE store. They are actually having a sale right now, so everything is pretty cheap. I even have proof with my grey sweater I got for 24.50, originally 39.50.

    ~Charolette Russe... some of the stuff is a little pricy, but very hot.

    ~Pac Sun... if your loaded, you can shop for hours there - the stuff is kind of expensive, but I'll give it credit for cuteness.

    ~Aeropostale... one of the most cheapest stores ever! They always have sales going on and everything there is really nice.

    ~Victoria Secret... home to the every-amazing comfy pink pants!

    I'm 13, almost 14, and I shop at just about all the stores I mentioned. These are the top stores that girls shop at in my middle school, so I know that they are really cute, trendy, and most of the time, inexpensive. I really hope I helped you!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Forever 21, wet seal, and especially H&M are good for inexpensive clothing. They have large selections that rotate quickly. They aren't the best quality, but you get what you pay for. Umm... try Abercrombie and Fitch (that's pretty expensive), American Eagle, and Hollister, and Aeropostale. Also look at Delia*s, Buckle, and Urban Outfitters. Look at the junior sections of deparment stores like Boston Store or Macys. Have fun!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Everyone already mentioned mainstream stores, but check out the following for great online/catalog clothes. Their clearances are really good and I loved their stuff when I was in high school:


    By the way, Wet Seal, Forever 21, Charlotte Russ, etc. have cute clothes, but the quality is absolutely terrible. On more than one occasion I had something rip just trying it on in the store and I'm a size 6, so it wasn't that it just didn't fit!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Abercrombie is probably best quality for a teen, but can be pricey.

    Wet Seal is cheap but horrible quality and kind of ghetto.

    Forever 21 is cheap and trendy and the quality ranges.

    American Eagle and Hollister are very popular and are good quality and the price is decent.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i know this is more for preteens, but limited too has some really great stuff, and even though it is kind of expensive, if you look in the sale section, there is a lot of great stuff. sually, they are in the sale section because either people think it was to expensive or something like its missing a bead, which most people dont even notice, or you can just fix it back on........or sometimes old navy has really cute clothes, but dont buy any of thoses "vintage-y" shirt that say things like......"hula swim camp" because those things are really strange and fake. if you wanna find vintage, look in ross or marshalls. if you are looking for simple but hip clothing try american eagle. some things are expensive, but not everything. if you are into the goth kind of clothes, try hot topic or spencers. in wall mart they have cheap clothes and the quality is good but the style isnt always the best. I mean, some clothes are ok, but some are usually based on some t.v. show or something. I think target would be one of your best bets because they have nice clothes and are kind of cheap. Macy's or jc penney's usually has a more classy look to the adults clothing, but to the childrens, they are usually hip. i think they have up to size 18 in childrens which is probably.....i don't know. But some of the xtra larges might fit. some of their iteams are expensive but they are worth cheking out.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i know everyone is wearing abercrombie, hollister, and all of that but i mean really. its SOOO expensive, its getting a little old. im 14, too. believe me when i say:dont be one of the abercrombie/hollister people. if you are truly fashionally advanced (like me, haha) then shop at forever 21(good prices, good clothing), and wet seal is ok,but i dont really shop there much. i suggest charlette russe. its great. fair prices &really fashionable clothingg. hmm. another great place is rave(also knwn as lola,or max rave) they have REALLY cheap clothes, but are suprisingly fashionable..i love that store. &last but not least, american eagle. it may be a *tad* expensive, but they have pretty good stuff. oh! and if you see an anchor blue, check it out-theyre pretty cool. i really hope that helps. :]


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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a Canadian citizen too and American but i live in the US and my favorite teen store is Wet Seal (the quality is good) and Charlotte Russe (they have great clothes with good prices too) also if your near a Victoria Secret you should look at there pink collection its really cute. (i have some sweatpants and t from there and there really comfy and cute)

    I have noticed that a lot of your suggjestions have been realy preppy stores and i don't like those stores there all the same expensive and boring

    Well i hope i helped you my fello canadian! lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like:

    Aeropostale: Cheap and great clothes!

    Old Navy: See Above

    Forever 21: See Above again

    Papaya: Cute, and a little bit more than Aero. Like 10-15 dollars for a shirt.

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  • i dont particulary like wet seal, i find the store rather disorganized and the clothing to be thin and not good quality, i think the store has some cute acessories, however most of the merchandise is just bleh! =[

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  • 1 decade ago

    So, many people are answerign your question. Abercrombie and Aeropostale are way too expensive. H&M have amazing clothes, you can check that out. Hollister and American Eagle have decent clothes and not too pricey either.

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