Did AIDS really originate from somebody eating Monkey Brains?

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    Possibly, according to this article it passed through the species (Chimpanzee to Human) through hunting, cleaning & eating infected animals... then was passed human to human through bodily fluid (sexual contact/blood transfusions, etc)

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    The truth is no one is completely sure how it first happened. But the prevaling theory is that a monkey infected with form of the HIV virus bit or in someother way shed the blood of a human being. That person is what is known as patient zero.

    There is much contraversary as to how, when and why this first happened. Some believe that it was early as 1959.

    Some think that this wasn't entirely random given that both the Americans and the French were testing bio-weapons as well as pharmaceuticals in the region and one just got out. The truth is, (I am sorry to say) that no one will really known the truth.

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    Yeah it was indiana Jones!

    "Chilled monkey brains!"

    heh heh...

    No silly. Thats not how it began! Some people now believe that something likened to the AIDS virus in one form or another, has been around since the beginning of time. Some even believe that the Balck Plague was AIDS.

    So if you have the oppurtunity to indulge in some Monkey brains... Go right ahead. You wont get anything but disgusted if you cook them good enough or not!

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    It's my understanding that no one has been able to accurately pinpoint how it started - only that it probably originated in Africa. There was a book put out several years ago "And The Band Played On" that supposedly tracked the first known person to have AIDS - allegedly a homosexual man who was a flight attendant that flew all over the world and had relations with allegedly hundreds of men who, of course, spread the virus to others. Supposedly, his name was Gaytan something or other. It was an excellent book, very thick and detailed. You might want to check it out for a lot of information on the earliest days of AIDS and HIV, as well as the politics surrounding it.

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    one of the leading theory's is that a doctor i don't remember the the name was working on a vaccine for polio. DR? was using chimps the same way we use horses and sheep to make anti venom and chicken eggs to create dead viruses . Dr? would inject the virus into the chimp, the chimp would build an antibodies against the polio virus. ( HIV infects the t cells which is part of your immune system) Since chimps are infected with SIV a similar form of HIV but that does not harm the chimps, many people now believe that when the Dr injected patients will the vaccine against polio which contained the infected t cells entered the humans and mutated inside the human host to become which is now known as the HIV virus

    Source(s): a documantary on the dr in question if anyone finds out or knows of the dr i speak of let me know
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    I don't think anyone knows the original cause of AIDS, but many scientists are still trying to figure out that very question so they have theories as they do with other things.

    Source(s): PS You're not stupid for asking this, ignore those people who think they are better than you :)
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    The Skull and Bones had the CIA invent aids to kill the starving masses in third world countries, a form of population control, while in the process destroying the anti-christian homosexuals.

    Doesn't everyone know that?

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    No one has been able to find out the original source of the aids virus.

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    No, actually it originated from a monkey spitting in someone's eye at a zoo, and i am being serious.

    Source(s): my scary bio teacher
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