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Huge "Crucial Gizmo" flash drive problem?

I was using a new Crucial Gizmo flash drive to tramsfer some files from my PC to a new MacBook Pro. After a few transfers with no problems I discovered after my recent tramsfer I had lost nearly all the available space. The window still says 0 files(3 hidden). but it now says over 900MB are in use. The only cause I can think of for this is I deleted the files from the drvie while using it on the Mac this time, unlike the rest where I deleted them while using it with the PC.

Also I have found no help with the prblem from looking through their site. It's hard to imagine I'm the first to ever have such a major problem.

I'm stumped and desperatly need help. If you have any advice please share.

Thank You


I figured it out.. I forgot to delete the files from the Mac's trash and somehow that kept the info on the drive. First to post gets a free 10 points. :P

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, glad that everything worked out. Sometimes it's the simplest things that are overlooked, I know that I've been guilty of that.

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