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what arm excerises can i do?

What are they called? i wanna work every muscle in my arm, and can you explain, or show me where i can get an explanation to how to do them? thanks 10 points to best answer

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    IN order to use every muslce in your arms you need to do 2 exercises. The first is a pull up. This wil work the biceps, shoulders, and forearms. Next doing dips will work you triceps, anterior shoulders and your chest. They usually have a dip / pull up machine in any gym which allows you to use weight to help you through the movements without using your whole body weight. These exercises are the hardest to do because most beginner lifters can't lift their own body weight to perform these movements.

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    For your arms, upper and lower, their are your biceps, triceps, forearms, and even your front deltoid (shoulder).

    That is a website where you can find TONS of exercise for each part I just listed.

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