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I got very drunk x-mas eve. I didn't eat much that day (last meal was at breakfast 10:30 am) between 5 of us we drank 6 bottles of something that is similar to vodka. I took more than 10 shots. (mind you I weigh about 127) I got so drunk that I passed out. The next morning I threw up ALL DAY. 3 days have now it normal to still feel a little queasy? I woke up yesterday and today still feeling a bit nauseas . Someone told me that i'll feel like this for the rest of the week....because i had drank so much..Is this true?....Has this happened to anyone?........Any advice?


It's been the 3rd day since my drunkin night. I have been eating the normal. But i still get a bit of nausea in the mornings and a little through out the day

Update 2:

Thanks for the advice everyone!! I am now fully recoverd. I never had a hangover that lasted this long. You experience and learn.

For the record...I did pass out but nothing happened. Its x-mas eve where else would you be? (home?)

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    Alcohol is a toxin. It will take a while for your body to process it all out of your system. How long is dependant on your age, sex, weight and metabolism. I have had similar experiences in my youth..

    but now I know better. When I will be having a night out...I try to pair booze with food..I drink plenty of water all night long and an hour before I go to sleep I stop boozing completely and drink juice and or soft drinks. As a result I have not had a hang over in years.

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    Yes, it has happened to me. After 3 days of not being able to keep *anything* down and constantly being dizzy, I went to an urgent care clinic where they rehydrated me and gave me some compazine. I took two full bags of IV fluid.

    The best thing that I can recommend is to buy some real Ginger Ale (not Schweppes or Canada dry) like Hansens. Drink small amounts at room temperature (half a swallow at a time) and take some Dramamine. I know it sounds funny, but a doctor recommended this to me - It makes sense once you think about it as Dramamine is supposed to fight nausea associated with motion sickness - which feels the same as being drunk.

    If the nausea continues and affects your life, you may want to go to a clinic to get rehydrated. Alcohol poisoning and dehydration can be dangerous things.

    Good luck to you and feel better.

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    No doubt, you have alcohol poisoning. Something similar to vodka sounds alot like Everclear to me. This is common, but taken to excess a person of your stature and weight could easily fall into a coma and forever fall out of it, no matter how much water you consume. Next time, take 2 aspirin, drink a bottle of water, and have a full meal, taking no more than 3-4 shots of anything concentrated over 150 proof. A person in your situation should stick to mixers such as rum drinks (bacardi gold is a personal favorite.) and martinis. I know they sound like girly drinks, but if its a matter of health, I say go for it.

    Source(s): Merck Guide to Diagnostic Medicine
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    Alcohol poisening. Do yourself a favor do not do shots anymore. This is for macho idiots that want to take advantage of you. Have a drink or two then have some crackers keep our wits about you so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones, ok



    spicy food works best for me when hurting...

    ps nausea do a pee test you might get a bun in the oven. you were passed out you know

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    Oh my gosh! I have never even heard of a hangover lasting 2 days. I really think you need to call your doctor for advice. You are most likely very dehydrated.

    I had a similar experience at a Beach Boy's concert. Had cranberry juice and vodka all night. I was throwing up that night and all the next day until the evening. I felt great the second day though.

    Definitely, call a doctor!

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    ya i had it happen to me one night i dont know how much i drank i dont remember anything after about midnight cuz i kinda passed out on the ground. the next morning i felt like i got ran over by a bus. best thing to do is drink water and lots of it to flush your system maybe take some pepto bismal or drink ginger ale to try and settle your stomach

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    That is a pretty long time to still be hung over. Drink a lot of water and take some vitamins. Eat pretty healthy too. You might have had a little virus or something to go with it. When you drink it kills your resistance.

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    yep, you put a hurtin' on your body.

    Pop the Tums, take vitamin B complex (no more than regular dose), ibuprofen (Advil, e.g.) and drink Gatorade.

    Your body, and especially your liver, needs to heal.

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    You probably have alcohol poisoning; and yes, that can last a few days. You probably should've gotten your stomache pumped!

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    It sounds like your dehydrated. Go buy some gatorade or some other sports drink, and drink like you did on christmas That should help to hydrate you.

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