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If you were constipated....?

... would you use an over the counter remedy, or a lubricated q-tip to loosen up the works?

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    I eat Taco Bell.. 20 minutes later its all over...

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    I would know my diet was screwed up. I would take the over the counter.

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    over the counter

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    Although a q-tip can be fun and interesting I think I would go with an OTC.

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    Personally I prefer to get rid all my pooh naturally-if you try to force it you may end up with pooh up to here!

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    I have a "Special" anvil just for the occasion. Want to borrow it? :)

  • izaboe
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    um....take some fiber capsules and perhaps a laxative? consider a colon cleaning?? don't force it :P

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    drink prune juice

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