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First bowling ball?

Ive been bowling alot lately and was thinking about buying my own bowling ball. I cant throw a hook or anything, I usually just try to go straight down the lane, but I would like to try learning to hook the ball. What should I look for in my first ball?

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    Good starter, polyester (plastic ball). Drill this conventionally and then learn how to bowl that. Try and acheive a 150+ average over 30+ games. That way you will know the basics and be ready to advanced to fingertipping. Work your way up the fingertip balls, calm then reactive and so on.

    Pro shops are there to advise you.

    Dont think its easy sport to be good at! It does take years of practice to be good at. Do the ground work, be patient and you will be a better bowler for it.

    I have coached bowlers and they have done well on this technique. I have also advised people that havent really listened and they are stuck at about 170 with a fingertip ball.

    I hope this helps you out.

    Just to summarise, plastic ball no fingertip yet until average 150.

    (my opinion)

    Above all enjoy it! It is frustrating, stick to your basic skills and keep trying. It is tough!

    Good luck.

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    Try to find someone in your local area that fits and drills bowling balls. Teh bowling alley pro shop will work if you cannot find someone else, but if the pro shop at your alley is like mine then you will want to find someone who knows what they are doing.

    Throwing a hook will come naturally when the ball is drilled and fitted properly. You will want to drill it to fit your finger tips, not your whole fingers. When you follow through on your release the ball will spin and hook to the left automatically. The better your follow through the more the hook. Do not try and over-throw the ball or it will just slide down the lane and never catch.

    Once your hook becomes consistent you will be able to find a mark closer to you, i.e. an arrow or a board, to aim at instead of aiming at the pins and this will make you a much more consistent bowler.

    Once you get into it a bit, you may want to think about getting a plastic ball to pick up spares that require you to throw a straight ball, i.e. the ten pin, because plastic balls will not hook as much as others.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    The best thing for you to do is go to the pro shop in your bowling alley (if it has one). Ask the proprietor for guidance. He should watch you bowl, to get an idea of your style, and then when you tell him what you want to do, he should be able to advise you about the type of ball that would be good for you. A lot of technology goes into design the cover stock and the core and the balance of weight in bowling balls these days--you need someone who really understands it to give you advice.

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    i bowl on a leage, the weight of a bowling ball has nothing to do weather you can throw a hook or not. that comes with exspirence as you bowl you learn from your mistakes. in looking for your 1st bowling ball you need to look for the finger holes to fit comfortable but not to loose or to tight and the weight of the ball needs to be comfprtable to you as well any pro shop can help you with this

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