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Could someone tell me some good game titles for xbox 360 that i might buy?

i have another question to is gears of war realistic?

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    Your best bet is to visit and see how various review sites think of games you are considering purchasing.

    From my own personal experience, Gears of War, Call of Duty 3, Viva Pinata, Star Wars Lego II, Splinter Cell:Double Agent, Dead Rising, Rainbow Six:Vegas, and Oblivion are must have games for the 360 (I own them all).

    Gears of War, while an incredible game, isn't based on realism in the same way that Rainbow Six or Socom games are. Still, it's one of the best games I've ever played.

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    Ok first I'll answer your 2nd question, and thats no, Gears of War is not that realistic because it's science fiction. And here are some great titles.

    Halo 3- It's coming out sometime in 2007 but it's going to be the best

    Gears of War- I've heard over and over on how great of a game it is

    Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 1&2- GRAW 1&2 are great games, GRAW 2 has just the best graphics ever, if you only want one GRAW, then get GRAW 2 which comes out very soon.

    Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII- It not only has great graphics but it's also a sweet game

    Any Sports game like NHL 07 etc.- All sports game for this system are great, just don't bet on loving some ping pong or poker game

    Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell- That game is the best WWII game of all time!! It comes out sometime in 2007

    Guitar Hero 2- This game is sweet and fun! In one of my Game Informers they said that soon Microsoft will have it where you can download songs through x-box live. I don't know if this game is out yet and you may have to buy a guitar controller.

    Medal of Honor: Airborne- The game and graphics owns, one of the best Medal of Honor games of all time

    Dead Rising- This game is just plain sweet

    Rainbow Six: Vegas- This game has awsome graphics and gameplay

    Well I'm sure there are more games but these are a few off the top of my head!

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    Gears of War...

    Call of Duty 2....

    Dead Rising

    99 Nights

    Full Auto


    those are some good ones

    Source(s): my brother
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    Gears of War is fun, but because of the supernatural elements, I wouldn't call if realistic. Dead Rising is also pretty fun ... we just got one, so I haven't had enough time to see any other titles than those.

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    Oblivion and Gears of War

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    my husband as a 360, and he always buys football and baseball games for whichever happens to be his favorite system. I'm not sure if they make it for 360 but the lego star wars games are really cool. He now has a wii so chances are the 360 will sit there and collect dust.

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    Gears of War

    and yes, it's very realistic

    I would also recommend Rainbow Six: Vegas, I heard that was really good as well

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    gears of war has good graphics but is not realistic, dude, you have half a ton of stuff on, killing aliens, chainsawing people and aliens into fourteen pieces, boot stamping peoples heads, hell no its not realistic

    I would recommend the games

    Gears of War

    The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

    Rainbow Six Vegas


    Guitar Hero Two (March)

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    gears of war is great! i guess it is kinda realistic

    oblivion and gears of war and marvel ultimate alliance are great!

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