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help with limewire and itunes?

ok so i have all these songs on limewire and i already put them onto my itunes libary but here is the problem = i updated my songs onto my ipod in the past with my old computer. now for christmas i got a new laptop and have itunes and limewire on there but when i tryed to update my new songs on my new laptop from itunes it says it is up to date but all i have is the same songs from my old computer. PLZ HELP IF U UNDERSTAND!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Once you have downloaded the songs from an old windows computer, then your ipod cannot download songs from another apple computer. This is because the ipod has already learnt how to talk to a windows computer and it does not know how to talk to the apple laptop. If you want to load the songs from your laptop then you need to re-update/ relaunch the ipod on your laptop. This means that all your old songs will get deleted and you will have put all the songs all over again. Try it i am sure that it will work. Happy new year.

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