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At what tempater does your brain fry?

If you have an infection with a fever what tempature would be deadly? Thank you for your time and for answering my question

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    I believe that the correct answser is 105 degrees F.

    I think it would have to be sustained. However, I think that - in children with fevers, it has been known to go higher with no bad side affects, as long as it is brought down withink a reasonable amount of time.

    If you know someone who is running such a fever, get them to the hospital immediately!

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    There is really no set number for everybody. You might be able to stand a degree or two more than me, or vice versa. Generally speaking though, when your temp hits 104, the people at the hospital start pouring ice in the bathtub!! At 105 degrees, they're gonna put you in that tub because at 107 or 108 there will be brain damage!! A couple of degrees above that, is death. Oh is spelled "temprature"

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    If you have a fever and your temperature is over 102F, you may want to go see a doctor at a clinic.

    People with temperatures of 105F or higher need to go to the emergency ward of a hospital and probably will be placed in ice water or washed with rubbing alcohol to bring that fever down.

    As I understand it, anything that high could cause halucinations, brain damage, coma, even death.

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    I wanna say 105 is when brain cells start dying but I am not 100 percent sure just think this is what I have heard.

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    frying temperature is 107

  • you spelled temperture wrong.Usually the temperature is quite high.around 106+

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    108 SHOULD DO IT

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