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labor or not--what do you think?

My baby(dog) is 59 days pregnant. Today her temp dropped to 98.6. She is now rolling from side to side. Panting a little not often. But her breathing is very short and hard. I have been to the vet 3 times with her since Dec. 19th. He said she will not go untill the 1st of Jan. What should I expect? b4 u ask--she got pregnant on accident. she is an inside family member. My son let her out thinking he was helping mommy with the work over load. Sweet thinking but she ran off in the process.

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    Should have been spayed but yes it does sound like labor. It could be a while with this being her first and only litter.

    I left the house this morning with my rescue starting labor. I hope I have babies when I get home. They usually wait till I am home. There are so many pregnant dogs please get the babies and her spayed once they can eat solid food on their own. Im going to all mine.

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    I'm saying labor.

    Stay with her and have some towels ready in case one of the pups isnt breathing and or she cant/wont break the sac.

    Sometimes momma gets tired or overloaded and wont rip it open--grab the puppy, rub in the towel breaking the sac and make sure its breathing...read up on this.

    Also make sure after allll the puppies are out, that she expels the placenta--this means ALL the puppies are out--if the placenta doesnt come out, it could mean a puppy is stuck or the placenta is stuck and she and the pups need to go to the VET IMMEDIATELY.

    Make sure you have the # of an on-call, local vet or the location of a 24 hour vet hospital nearby.

    Good luck, my fingers are xxd.

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    The temp will drop like it has and will stay down if it is true labor. Your best bet is to check the temp again in an hour or two to see if it is still down. There is a really good website that discusses the labor and delivery steps so you will know what to watch for. http://www.petplace.com/dogs/normal-labor-and-deli...

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    Yes it sure sounds like it. Good Luck to yu.What kind do you have?I read that dogs can have their pups anywhere from 59 to 63 days, so it sounds like your going to become a grandma real soon.

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    Sounds like labor to me. If you haven't done so already, make an out of the way space for her with towels and bedding.

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    just keep an eye on her...if she starts gathering stuff to make a "nest" or ripping stuff apart...or wont come when you call her...its gonna happen. my girl just had puppys and thats what she did.

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    if her touge is fat and she is panting alot and breathing hard then yes she is in labor

    good luck!!!!!!!!

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