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How do you keep your home smelling fresh?

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    always keep it clean and organized and no dirt. DONT use febreeze or any of thoses sprays because they cause you to have bad respitory problems i heard on the news.

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    I suppose that depends on what you have making it un-fresh. Keep it clean as best you can...make sure the trash doesn't pile up, vacuum frequently, and keep the floors clean and mopped. Once a week I like to wipe down the woodwork with a wet rag and a little all-purpose cleaner (this is where I employ the children - after all, they make some of the mess).

    I have 3 kids, one of which is still in diapers (if you have diapers in your house, I suggest a special rubbish bin, that way it's not opened as often, letting the smell escape) a husband who smokes (outside) and several pets.

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    Keeping your home smelling fresh doesn't have to be a chore! Weekly I vacuum, clean the bathrooms daily with Mr. Clean or White Water Pine-Sol - it's great. I keep the kitchen floor cleaned everyday with Swifter wets and a little bleach. We love Fabreeze plug ins they last and smell wonderful. You can also freshen up by burning a really good candle (Yankee or Home Interior) those are the best!

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    I agree with the folks recommending vinegar -- it really banishes odors and has none of the side effects associated with chemicals. It smells strong coming out of the bottle, but leaves behind a neutral scent.

    I've also found that the new orange oil cleansers really freshen up the air. I just used a bottle to clean greasy scum off the aged kitchen cabinets in the older home we just bought, and it not only worked great, but left the room smelling terrific.

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    The vinager idea sounds really good. I have never tried that. You really want to get to the root of the smell, before you try to mask it, or scent it with a plug in or candle. After you use the vinegar, try a "Wall flower" from Bath & Body Works. They work fantastically. And depending on the size of your house, you should only need one or two per floor, as opposed to one in every room. They can be a bit pricey, but they go on sale often. I stock up when they are on sale.

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    I use to use Fabreze after cleaning to make the house smell nice.But then I tried mopping with hot water and vinegar and I now save the price of Fabreze.I spray my cloth curtains and walls with it also and once it dries, all you smell is the clean......I do lite Yankee Candles evey week-end to give it a nice smell.For my bedroom, I just use linen spray when I change my linen and it smells nice all the time.....

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    Lampe Berger

    It's kinda pricey, but it really works! You light the stone, let the scent saturate the wick and get released into the air, then after 2 minutes, blow out the flame. It continues to smolder and purify the air while releasing whatever liquid scent you put into the base of the lamp.

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    dont allow smoking inside, open the windows to get some freshness in every nice day. Use scented furniture polish and also floor disinfectant. Use of plug in air freshners also helps

  • Go to Walmart & buy an inexpensive tea kettle. Put water in it along w/ 2 Table of ground cloves. Put it on the stove on low & leave it there 24/7. When the water gets low, add more to it. The cloves will last 2 days. I have it on my stove all the time!

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    Vinegar rinse. After mopping with floor detergent, mop it over with vinegar-water. After washing the bathroom with the cleansers, wash it over again with vinegar.

    It has a clean smell and it helps clean the toxic chemicals from the surfaces of your home.

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