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Holga Camera Help?

mmk so two questions. First, the holga that I bought came with film that was not in a case, so should I assume that now that I've finished the roll of film and have taken it out that no light will be exposed to the film or do I need to do something with it? Also, the instructions say that 120 medium format film is the standard. I know that 35mm film works if you modify the camera, but when I'm buying film, what kind do you suggest I buy and where can I get it cheapest?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Holga is not the best constructed camera in the market. I would not even deign to think of converting it to a 35mm.

    What film you buy in 120 format is up to you. Not all stores carry it, but most carry some. You can get old fashioned BW, or the new C41 process BW along with a variety of color films from Kodak and Fuji. Don't get 220, which has more pictures than the 120 on it because the 120 has a paper back, the 220 does not, so the distance from the lens to the film surface will be a little different, enough to possibly throw it out of focus a bit.

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  • 1 decade ago

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