when i grow up....HELP!!?

okay. im 13 yrs old and i have 2 decide what i wanna be when i grow up. i really dont kno what 2 be!! i am pretty preppy and a want a job kinda glamorous. i love fashion and looking good. im pretty attractive too so help me find a job!! what should i be. oh and another thing...i wanna make alot of money. im takeing any suggestions so please help!!

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    how about growing up before you stress about stuff like this? just stay out of trouble, get good grades, go to college and you can do anything you want with your life. the teenage years are stressful enough w/o adding to them with a future career.

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    Modeling or acting are obvious choices, but it's a competitive industry and people burn out fast.

    I would go for something less obvious and equally satisfying that keeps you in those industries, maybe:

    A buyer for a major fashion company like Macy's - you would go to fashion shows and choose the colors, patterns and new fashions for upcoming seasons. They get paid a lot, are industry leaders and it doesn't hurt to be an intelligent, attractive woman.

    Designer or photographer - If you can't be the model, dress and photograph them. You still get a lot of noteriety and stay in the fashion industry. You're also a reflection of the work you do, so being attactive and cutting edge helps give you credit among your peers.

    Marketer or advertising executive - Be the strong, attractive woman in charge of launching a new product in Europe. It's long hours, but lots of great connections, networking and looking good.

    Model coordinator - Put together the shoots, travel to beautiful locations and be around models and photographers all day putting together their outfits.

    Good luck and I hope you find what's best for you, whatever you do, don't decide today! You have plenty of time. I highly recommend interning with some major advertising or modeling agencies, as well as, a designer or photographer. You'll get much better insight that you would from a school advisor.

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    You really don't need to decide now.

    You can decide at the end of high school when you are picking your major at college.

    Right now your big decision is whether or not you want to go to college. In either case you should study hard. No matter how "pretty" you are you still need an education. If for no other reason than to not get swindled too hard by the competitive world of fashion

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    Well you can be a fashion journalist writing columns for a magazine. Or you could be a designer after attending FIT. You can be a stylist or a buyer for a store like Saks and Fifth Avenue.

    Look each of these up and see which one appeals to you more. Check to see how much money each one makes and if the preparation for these careers suit you ( education).

    Looks are great but you better have a brain or the good ole' boys will eat you alive.

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    honey, I'm a senior in highschool and I have no Idea what I want to be. If I was you, I wouldn't worry about it right now. You are 13, Take time to have fun, Then worry about growing up. It happens to fast anyway. I'd give anything to be 13 again. You are just starting to hit the good years. What you wanna do, It will come to you when you least expect it to. Just have fun bein a kid!!!

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    you are way too young to decide this, even if your friends have they'll most likely change their minds a thousand times, in time your interests may change don't limit yourself. but going on what you gave how about public relations? its all about looking good and making others look great, and if you work for a big firm then its also glamorous.

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    u could be a fashion designer or a boutique owner, u could start ur own line of clothes. and if all else fails help the environment and become an environmentalist

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    lifes not about pretty and glamour.

    only you can decide what you want to be

    whatever you chose put your 100% in it and do a good job

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    decide what you like to do, wait 5 years, then decide again (because it will change), then go off to college and get a degree...but research it first to make sure you'll be making the wages you want.

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    You don't need to be thinking about this stuff at thirteen.. Wait until your about a sophmore in highschool.. so you can fi=gure out what your going to go to college for :)

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