Wow,I didn't know tickles worked like that... My boyfriend and I, hadn't hugged or kiss, but then after...

Ok... we were good around each other, we had fun, but he hadn't hugged me nor kissed me. But then one day he started tickling me and magic happened, the same day we kissed for the first time.

Why do tickles work like this? Does anyone know? has anyone else had this experience?

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    Tickling might be a way to relax each other or maybe a way to have the other person get closer and the suddenly things happen.

    maybe both of you were feeling very relaxed with each other.

    Maybe it was majik that was going to happen anyhow.

    Good for you

    Happy that you both discovered each other.

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    When you tickle someone it breaks the ice that might have been there before. You both start giggling and laughing and playing around and that makes both of you more open to each other. And makes you two more intimate and easier to get closer.

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    Yes touch is magical if you both feel connected to each other. Thats how i met my girlriend now. i tickled her feet off of a chair i wanted to sit in and we had a conversation... its been 6 months now.

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    Its the excitement of touch and playful physcial play. Same thing works when giving or recieving a massage. I prefer massages myself, they feel better, they heal, and at the same time they usually lead to something else...mmhmm.

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    1 decade ago

    i think it was just the physical contact, not so much how he was touching you. if you want to get into the body's chakras and energy points, we could discuss the potential magicks involved, but in this case, i think it was your desire to have his hands on you.

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    1 decade ago

    It takes time.

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