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what house plants survive well in low lite areas?

I live in the northeastern part of the usa in a small apt with low lighting. I have a living rm window facing the east and a kitchen window facing the west.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the plant, mother in law tongue, can be grown in a closet. Pothos also do well in low light areas.

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  • Gary S
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    1 decade ago

    I have always done well Pothos. They will direct the leaves towards the light so be sure to occasionally rotate it so it grows evenly. Also when it starts getting longer vines, you can snip part of it off, make sure there is this knob like structure on it, place it in water and it will root, and you will have a new plant.

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  • 4 years ago

    living abode vegetation? 50 tiers. stay fish in an aquarium? 50 tiers in case you have a tank heater for tropical fish. to maintain the pipes from freezing? upload a secure practices margin for each degree under 10 (for 0 set thermostat at 60). there will be chilly factors (under the sink cabinet, in the back of the showering gadget, around living abode abode windows and doors) the region freezing could ensue if exterior temperatures get under the young infants F with the thermostat at 50. i've got have been given had 2 residences the region the water interior the washer drain capture would desire to freeze, and you will in no way be attentive to it until finally good after the washer's rinse cycle. I insulated better useful and located heat temperature tape around the pipe. Ask a neighbor to dribble your water and alter up the thermostat if temperatures could opt to get under 0.

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