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do i need one?

do i need a compaciter for my system? and what does it do?

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    1 decade ago
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    A capacitor is a device that holds a charge of voltage. In a way it's like another battery except a battery produces voltage where a cap can discharge it's reserves when demanded upon (large bass hit).

    The idea is that whan an amp requests a large demand on the electrical system, the cap is supposed to help maintain the power the amp is demanding.

    The problem is the cap must recharge what it used to get back where it was, in the mean time another demand is being requested on the electrical system by the audio system. This cycle repeats.

    Some will argue that a cap helps, others argue it does nothing.

    My theory is that a cap will extend the life of the audio equipment by providing a buffer to the audio equipment. All of the surges created by the electrical system (relays, motors, etc.) are somewhat absorbed by the cap. If you can reduce these surges and spikes from reaching the MOV's (surge protection devices) in the amp, doesn't the amp itself "live" longer?

    The size of capacitor is determined by the power consumption of the audio system - 0.5 Farads for every 500 watts is the norm.

    Source(s): 25 year electronics technician, audio guru
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