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how do i tell my hubby we are having another ?

i dont know how to tell my husband that the baby i am having is a ! we already have 1 and the doctors told us it was a boy. well when i went in today for my 3rd ultrasound...they said it was definitly a ! it will break his heart not to have a son and it will kill me because he has a son by another who used him as a sperm donor, and i dont want her to be the only one with his son. i know this will break his heart but i dont know how to sit him down and tell him its a when he has it in his head that its a boy. the hard part is he started to buy clothes for him and gets really happy when thinking about having a son together! we only want 2 kids because pregnancy is hard on both of us and i cant go thru another. so what is youre advice on how i should tell him? i mean he even seen the weiner!! ( on the ultrasound the 1st one) WHAT DO I DO?


we are having a ... but it keeps blocking out

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  • Minmi
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    1 decade ago
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    I don't know what to advise, but to tell you that you may be suprised how much the two of you come to love this child regardless of its sex.

    You don't have to tell him if you don't want to, because he'll find out when she's born! Do tell him that it might not be a boy ...

    Also ... it's possible that it is a boy and the doctor couldn't clearly see the penis.

    Good luck. I hope the child is healthy.

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