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My Camcorder is PAL system-based. How can I watch the small DVD from the camcorder on NTSC TV here in USA?

Purchased the Camcorder in Dubai with intended use in USA. Was told that all I needed was an adapter to plug into the electical socket. Later learned that The Camcorder is PAL system-based. How may I watch the smaller DVD from this camcorder on the NTSC TV? Any DVD Converter Adapters, DVD Converter/Players? Any advice as to a particular website, model? Thanks, Bob

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    You can convert PAL composite video signals to NTSC with a converter box. Can you play the DVD itself in a normal DVD player rather than using your camcorder hooked up to the TV? It could just be region encoded and you might just need yourself a region free DVD player, or to make your DVD player region free.

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    The other thing to try is putting the DVD in your computer.

    Your problem is that the DVD is encoded in MPEG-2 and the decoder in your camcorder is converting that to PAL so any video feed you take out of the camcorder will be useless on an NTSC TV.

    There is a secondary problem that PAL video is recorded at a higher resolution than NTSC video (720x480 NTSC vs 720x576 PAL). Some DVD players can decode either one and display it on your NTSC TV. However you may have one that does not decode PAL. That's why I would suggest the computer - they are usually better able to decode a wide variety of formats.

    Region encoding is normally for pre-recorded movies. I haven't heard of blank DVDs being region encoded.

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