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barred? why?

Why am I barred? I didn't do anything wrong!!!! :(

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Spades seems to be full of people running booter programs. Yahoo! has installed a new program to stop them. The problem is that the program has a glitch. If you get booted from games and try to log back in right away, IT WILL BAR YOU FOR NO REASON! Yahoo! can't help you! To many reports from Spam tracker and players asking, Why? ! By the time they get to yours, times up! Try this when playing. “Beware of invites, if you get one and want to play, go to the table, do not click accept. Booters commonly send invites then boot you out of lounge! If a table is empty but has someone watching but not seated, pick another table”

    You can make a new profile and play until you are unbarred (not another id on present profile), but new profile!!!

    Have fun playing.


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  • §niff
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    1 decade ago

    You do not have to do anything wrong to get a bann read on....

    . Yahoo's new technology, has a glitch ... banning IDs

    ... this doesn't mean you violated TOS. Many are getting chat bans for no reason. If you got booted / disconnected ... then can't loggin click this link to learn more and tell yahoo > ...

    Perhaps if enough people tell Yahoo and they get enough complaints....they will do something about it. ( keep in mind yahoo work on a VERY delayed response)

    But if you have done any of the below expect to be banned

    Yahoo has changed the "goalposts" to try and stop the sex bots / scrollers / booters / abusers / cheats...If you scroll ..type too fast...or..send multiple invites...jump lounges or tables kibitz multiple times...use multiple will be BANNED....Yahoo thinks you are up2 mischief doing these things....

    If you run a booter ..spamm..... violate the law ... cuss or abuse chatters among other things ... and Yahoo recieves an abuse report ... and recieves a copy screen shot of the past chat session , Yahoo has the USA courts legal permission to deactivated or ban accounts.

    Use another ID till your bann has finished

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