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I had acne now it is ALL gone, but theres like traces of it. How Can I get it to go away?

Theres like little traces of it everywhere.

Also There is like little indents, not very big ones.

Any one know any home remedies or stuff you buy.

Nothing expensive though please.


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    Use a sugar scrub. Here's a recipe:

    3/4 cups of brown sugar

    3 table spoons of milk

    Combine together until it looks like a paste. Leave it on your face for 1 minute. Rince thoroughly. Avoid eyes and chapped lips.

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    You need to use a glycolic face cream. I use the Joesoef Skin Care Glycolic face cream, 8%. It is way better than the alpha hydrox from the cvs store. The Joesoef does not burn, esp if you have sensitive skin. And, it is not greasy or oilly. Your skin will ffeel softer and smoother. This is not very expensive, I think I saw it on It will help get rid of scars. You also should be using a sunscreen with spf 15 or higher to prevent more scarring. Good luck.

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    If they are recent acne marks, put Aloe Vera juice on them. Buy the Aloe Vera plant ( the one that says for medicinal purposes) cut off a piece, rinse it, and squeeze the gel out. Leave it on your face over night. I know this works very good on new marks.

    For older ones, the only thing I find that can truly diminish their appereance are tears ( as in the tears like when we cry). I find that tears are absolutely amazing at renewing damaged skin. If you ever cry, don't wipe those tears away, Instead, smooth it over the problem areas and keep it on for at least over night.

    Don't do scrubs or microdermabrasions on your skin. It will only aggravate your skin further, cause your skin to produce tons of oil and slow down the healing process altogether.

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    This product works very well to even the skin's tone, and to remove unwanted "spots" left from acne.

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    84% of panelists experienced a more even skin tone.†

    Plus, to protect your skin and help prevent further damage, it's essential to use an SPF product such as Time Wise® Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25*.

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    try using fresh yoghurt allover the spots and leave to dry four about 30minutes making ur face fresh and glossy.also try using spirit(methylated)to clear up dirt clogged up.

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    try a gentle exfoliator, and maybe some vitamin E supplements to help heal any scarring

    Source(s): you can find good products that are gentle on your skin, but give great results here:
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    there's a neutrogena scrub made specially for exactly what u want. u can find it at any drug store and it's not expensive.

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