should i have limit motions after total hip replacement?

8 months ago i ahd a bad car accident, i am 34 yers old single man ,i have pain in my right hip,rotation outside my leg, and my right leg is longer than the other one( 2 CM), before the accinet i didin't have any problemand i was athletics,the doctors say me that i should use total hip replase ment ( becouse i had necrocies in my acetabulum, and my hip cartilage destroyd,beside that one part of accetabulum is losed) can i use from resurfacing?or what is the newest method for caring this problem?and afther surgery should i have limit motions in my leg?can i run or doing exercies after surgery?i search a man to ask my questions from him about limit motions

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    The traditional posteriolateral approach requires the following limitations immediately after surgery: you are required to limit

    A. flexing the hip past 90 degrees

    B. bring the leg past midline (no crossing your legs)

    C. no inward rotation of the leg.

    From these three precautions, you get functional restrictions such as not being able to bend over to put on your shoes, no pivoting on the leg, etc. These precautions are meant to prevent dislocation of the prosthesis and are usually in place for at least three months...sometimes depends on your surgeon. Most of the daily pain will be gone by the third month, but you will still exhibit occasional pain for up to a year.

    Running can wear out the prosthesis sooner, but the technology continues to improve and as long as you are honest with your surgeon about your intended activity level, he or she will be able to select the appropriate prosthesis. While running might not be in your best interest, other forms of exercise are acceptable...elliptical machine, stairmaster, etc.

    Hip replacement is generally a very successful surgery, but you need to discuss your concerns with the surgeon

    Source(s): I am a physical therapist
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    Your doctor and physical therapist will give you a set of instructions after having a full hip replacement. It will probably be a few months before you can walk without any pain or difficulty-let alone run. Your physical therapist will explain all of this to you.

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