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Who are some famous people with specific phobias?

i need this for a report.

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    Christina Ricci- fear of plants

    Tobey Mcguire- fear of heights

    Johnny Depp- Clourophobia (fear of clowns)

    Rachel Stevens- toilets

    Nicole Kidman- butterflies

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    Mel Gibson has a documented fear of jewish people.

    Danny Glover has a documented fear of Mel Gibson.


    The Barrymore women have all posed nakedin magazines and had numerous lovers.


    Seriously Howard Hughes, a rather famous person, had a whole slew of phobias.

    It is said the Adolph Hitler had some kinda ap;prehension about women and jews. I dunno the case , but it is a phobiatic name.

    Thats a kinda stoopid report, when Physicians only treat famous or elite then the masses go without.

    Speaking of Russia one of there Queens had a fear of death.

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    Howie Mandel has a phobia about germs, I think Matt Lauer and Kelly Rippa do as well.

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    Not sure it is a phobia, but Marc Summers from nickelodeon's Double Dare had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so he couldn't stand having things messy.

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    Note, everybody have specific phobias. Specifically its unexpected himself get the negative flow, of emotion and such experience vary from individual.Its main root of non awarness of sense and not giving proper guidence or lack of attention from the related circles and ruled countries deplomatic faliure/weekness to develop the health by mental , physical, spiritual ( nature low - yoga - peaceful way of life )to . Just the thought is enough to make terrible for a depressed personto himself and to the society. Who is the responsible of this the business aimed education not give the basic awareness of self respect and to control over the emotion. If aware by himself and feel them care,love secure , never shotup the phobia in a healthy stage, this neglect start from parents to the school/teacher to the deplomates to handling that particular wings weekness.

    This all problem originate in a bad environment , may be the lack of sense or basic awarness or the disorder of chemical imbalance in brain./mind . The advise of concerned docter never give the reason and its overcome for keep the logic never giving as guidelines , give the medicine until its cure, if not cure until end of life. How it will cure until the awarness not work out the person to keep the disordered habism. Its with sleeping pills, or shock treatment with not bring him normal. Should be the awarness of logic of nature sense faith create to himself and follow the medicine he will surely get up., science is infant infront of nature, science want to sleep the individual by medicine with . Never give the nature law of order the simple mechnisim of yoga /meditation and cogination (insight) as well awarness. Prescribed the medicine and continue until his end this can you say development of science or education phDor development of the century. We are going to barbarian culture , no values for soul and its purity for meaningful sincerity , which our forefathers made the art of life , every thing losed. The forfather Science was better and healthy and they united with

    nature and hence they joy the life as its meaning. They give the medicine but give more importance the diet/fast like the nature order keep for give more importence. Nature is best cure , nature is great than everyone, its admit . Also from experience understand technology and discoveries of the unknown world, who need this. What is discovered its immauture and not success to implemnt . , Its keep half run for another What a pity. Our world faceing threten and insecurity for each discoveries, and the discovered NOT implimented its maximum benefit until now, and run for another ....what for ? FEAR ,

    fail, doubt , depression, to nerousis steps through one individual kill himself and making the same terrible to community with ego clash or supermacy which is no use to solve the problem.

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    Howard Hughes, of course, was so afraid of germs that he lived in just a three room suite with fumigators coming to disinfect (while he'd wait in the bathroom) once a day.

  • The King of England during World War Two had a stuttering problem.

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    George Bush is very afraid of something that used to be common in the Whitehouse. Limme think.

    Oh yeh, "truth" whatever that was.

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    howie mandel is afraid of germs

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    NAPOLEON, was afraid... wait let me rephrase that VErrrry afraid of cats...!

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