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Is there any way you can tell that someone is bisexual without asking them????

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    OK just hang with them, when the conversation comes around, just talk about Ur GUY experience, then ask a question like ( in Ur own words) "i wounder how girl with girl is?" or something more or less Ur style. i would say good luck, but i have no idea why u want to know so i will not guess!

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    Okay...without asking them there are no "true" ways on knowing if someone is bi-sexual. If you were to see them "hook-up" with someone the same sex, that would most likely answer your question.

    If you really want to know without being "rude" than quiz them (trust me I have done it). You could play truth or dare, or just send them one of those 20 question surveys and have that question in there. If the person is honest, you will soon find out.

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    There are many social indicators of bisexuality/homosexuality, but there is certainly no definitive way to tell. Some of these social indicators include responses to flirting, style of dress, physical mannerisms (do they "act" like the opposite sex?). Of course, these are stereotypes but I do think that most of us can admit that they are often correct indicators of sexuality.

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    No way to tell if they are bi sexual but there's a way you can tell if someone is gay and that is if they are holding hands with someone of the same sex but I don't think you can tell if they are bi sexual without asking.

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    you have to pay attention to there actions do they look at gurls and boys if you can't tell just ask them it will not hurt to ask if they are your friend they will tell you the truth if you are just doing it to make-fun of someone that is wrong everyone has there own ways

  • dione
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    her telling you stuff like she isnt wearing a bra or panties is especially unusual. her telling you approximately her vagina is even stranger. She won't be explicitly bisexual, yet quite merely be in this kinda sexually ambigious relationship style of subject, the place shes seeking to demonstrate to you like a chum, yet in addition in step with threat drawn to you, yet won't want to be forward approximately it. you ought to bear in mind that the social norms for people who're virtually 60 are alot distinctive than they are for human beings of their Nineteen Twenties now. Dont comprehend if thats entering play here or no longer, noticeably for a mature woman who is going around with out undies and tells you approximately it, yet who knows. additionally, in step with threat she herself is slightly at a loss for words approximately her thoughts. Like in step with threat she suspects that she is drawn to you, yet doesnt comprehend what to assert approximately, and besides the undeniable fact that she could be prepared to be particularly forward in dropping tricks to you which you're able to %. up on. sounds like thats what she could be doing.

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    Catch them in the act

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    No. You can always guess at someone's orientation, but people will always surprise you. Unless you are in a relationship with this person, in which case it is your business, you can't ask.

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    If they are the same gender as you, pucker up and give 'em a kiss. The results should tell you something.

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    1) Gaydar (I heard they're available through Sharper Image).

    2) Ask their lovers.

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