how long does a brazillian bikini wax keep you hair-free? also, how long does the hair have to be to get waxed

lemme know the process and any details if you've had a brazilian wax done at at spa.

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    1/2" is best to wax

    it last about 4 weeks

    get the Skintend product- the pantyline hairs might protest upon regrowth.

    Oh OUCH- it hurts so if you want some scary and good advise- put oral gel all over the private to numb them before.

    You will be but naked and they will do all the hair front and back between your legs.

    Get your tip out before the wax $20 ( yes that's alot) but she will be kind to you and patient, for good tip.

    been there done that

    Source(s): former spa owner
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    it all depends on how fast your hair grows back. You aren't totally naked, they usually just have you remove everything from the waist down. They should have something for you to choose if you want to be completely hairless, or the shape you would like the hair. Most people go for the little strip, and you tell them how wide or thin you want it. The first time is the worst, it's the unknown that gets your nerves worked up. It hurts, i won't lie, but afterwards you'll LOVE it. They should cleanse your skin with a "wipe" type deal to get any bacteria, lotion, or oils off the skin so the wax sticks better and is less painful. The person who is doing the wax should have you pull the skin tight before they pull the piece of cloth off...the tighter you pull, the less painful it will be when they rip that sucker off. They should use regular wax for the bikini line and bigger areas...they will use a green colored "wax" for the more sensitive areas. Brazilian is all the way up the crack...I honestly think that part is less painful than the rest of it. However I would HIGHLY recommend this to ANYONE, you feel so sexy afterwards. You might be a little red and have a few bumps afterwards just cause of the "pulling" and irritating the skin. It may feel like a sunburn, but in a few hours the bumps and redness should go away. Good luck, and you won't be sorry.

    Ohhh, i also HIGHLY suggest that you go to someone that has been recommended to you. Don't just go to anyone cause I've heard horror stories of people bruising, bleeding, and such. Your pain tolerance level has a lot to do with how much this will "hurt".

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    Depends on how coarse your hair is and how fast it grows. Can last six weeks or maybe in an extreme case it can be back in 2 - 3 weeks.

    If your hair is really coarse it has to be longer before waxing in order that the wax can get a really good grip on it -- say 1/4" or more.

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    It lasts 4-6 weeks (depends how fast your hair grows back) and I would strongly recommend taking some ibuprofen or Tylenol about 30-45 min before you go, this way it lessens the pain a little bit!

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    Four weeks, it depends on how fast your hair grows.

    Good Luck.

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