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where illegal immigrant work in US? and what kind of jobs they do?

I hears that there are a problem in US regarding illegal immigrant. But I worked with several companies and several kind works and I NEVER saw illegal worker or immigrant!


By the way i'm living in Manhattan, KS.

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    Most illegal immigrants in the US work in the following fields:


    Hotel and restaurant

    Construction and landscaping


    Basically any job that is labor intensive, low paying and unglamorous.

    Jobs that no one else will do.

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    I live in Arizona ,a border state.Illegal aliens work at many different jobs.Landscaping,palm tree trimming,construction,maid,

    cooks,waiters,car washes,kitchen help,baby sitters,ranch hands,moving company's and any other type of work they are offered.They are hired because they are plentiful and will work for much lower wages than legal Americans.They are normally paid in cash on a daily basis so no income taxes are taken out or paid.We don't have many factory's but some of the company's that lay sod grass or grow veg's,flowers or the fruit may pay weekly and they may use a TIN# to pay some taxes out of their wages.They pay sales tax on products they buy.Come to Arizona my friend and meet reality.

    State Studies of Illegal Alien Cost- (education, medical and incarceration):

    California - $10.5 billion (2004)

    Arizona - $1.3 billion (2004)

    Texas - 4.7 billion (2005)

    Florida - $1.7 billion (2005)

    New York - $5.2 billion (2006)

    Prior to the disastrous immigration act of 1965, there was very little immigration. Between 1925 and 1965, immigration levels were so low the number of immigrants in the country actually declined. In fact, there was even a period of net emigration out of the United States.

    Yet, during that time, Americans invented computers, had a healthy labor movement, initiated the space program that put men on the moon, made great strides in civil rights and environmental legislation, built the largest economy the world has ever seen, and successfully prosecuted WWII against two great powers on two fronts simultaneously. We also got our grass cut, our meat packed. Our children were being watched, and our houses were being cleaned.

    The idea that somehow we suddenly can't run a country without an endless supply of foreigners is absurd.

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    First off, illegals are NOT immigrants. They're trespassing, lawbreaking criminals with no respect for the country they ILLEGALLY enter, speaking of USA now, most illegals I have seen work construction jobs being paid under the table. Usually in building concrete fences, grounds keeping, pipe fitting, welding, digging ditches, and the like. I have an ex-husband, and my current boyfriend, who do these jobs (not paid under the table), and there have been many times neither of them could get a job in these fields because an illegal had the job that rightfully belonged to an American citizen. I saw them FIRST hand with my own eyes, in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, as I have traveled MY country by car, for over 10 years. I reside in S. California now, and there seems to be no end to seeing illegal aliens take American jobs. I guess you don't get out much, or else you just didn't know the legal, or illegals status of you fellow workers. I doubt you asked them. Please educate yourself, instead of just spouting, okay? Thanks, it will do us all some good if you do.

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    The majority work on farms, pick cotton and produce, primarily.

    Some are hired off the street for construction jobs or other jobs where the company doesn't want to pay higher wage, insurance and other stuff like the legals would expect to be paid. Illegals are often abused and treated badly. It really pays more and better to be legally in the US. But they don't care because it is still better than what they have at home. they need to fix their own country and stand up for thier rights there. But it is all ran by the Drug Cartels... Make pot legal, tax the crap out of them.. should stop it.

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    They work lots of different jobs. Any job where they can get paid under the table. If they have fake id, then the possibilities are endless. How do you know you never saw an illegal worker or immigrant? I find it hard to believe there are no immigrants where you live.

  • Anonymous
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    I am so glad to read the truth written for all to see. It's nothing but propaganda. President Bush threw that phrase out there and illegal supporters have used it to death. It's not true, never was, never will be. Americans made this country what it is, and when our government gets rid of all the illegals we will make it great once again. If illegals are so invaluable, and so hard working why are their countries such a mess that they are running from as fast as they can. And if they are so invaluable why is it illegal for them to work, live and cross our borders.

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    I'm in Massachusetts. For years Irish girls would come over and work on Cape Cod chambermaiding and bartending for the summer --illegally-- but would go home at the end of tourist season. In the last five years, with the Irish economy better, they don't come any more, and have been replaced with Jamaicans and Brazilians -- Brazilians also make up a big part of the landscaping crews -- but they DON"T GO HOME at the end of the season!!! No, they stick around and go on welfare. You need just a little too much documentation for state unemployment benefits, but Food Stamps are there for the taking.

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    Well first of all, your comment is kinda silly because they don't walk around with a big tattoo or stamp on their forehead saying, "ILLEGAL ALIEN."

    They aren't all brown-skinned either- there are Irish illegal immigrants here as well! Some of them work in fairly high skilled occupations, not your stereotypical construction, landscaping, janatorial, dishwashing shtick.

    But as for the latter, there is nothing wrong with those jobs, and until recently, some of those jobs were well-paying and a step on the ladder to something higher. Illegal immigrants in the workforce though have depressed wages and today it's hard for low-skilled people of all races to get a decent entry-level job that will pay a decent wage.

    What are our inner-city youth to do when there are no jobs because a non-citizen mafia exists to exclude them from unskilled jobs in their own damned country? It's richly ironic when you find legal Mexican-American kids who can't find a job because of illegals from their own background are pricing them out of the job market! For the African-American community it's just intolerable and sad.

    How can enterprising young adults compete with people willing to work for next to nothing off the books and free of taxes?

    I've even heard from 2 American people who worked in the janatorial service at my academic institution who told me they were being forced out for some reason and they thought it was because they did not speak the foreign language of many of the other workers and mistakes or miscommunications were made because of this. If I can't communicate well with the people who clean my hazardous work area, that's not good, yet that is exactly what things are coming to!

    I'm against illegal immigration because it is that- illegal, unregulated, and something that is totally not tolerated in the countries these people come from!! Mexico & Ireland alike do not allow me to sashay my **** across their border at will and likewise I object to them, my cousins or not!!

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    In 2003 alone the labor of undocumented workers poured $7 billion in taxes into Social Security, even though they cannot legally claim those benefits.

    Undocumented workers pay sales taxes and real estate taxes—directly if they are homeowners, indirectly if they are renters.

    Without immigrant labor, “the United States would lose $5 billion to $9 billion per year in fruit, vegetable and flower production and as much as 20 percent of production would go overseas.”

    Source(s): [Posted By ShiftShapers] By Derrick Z. Jackson Republished from
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    I know in Winston-Salem North Carolina some work at child care centers with no green cards and fake SS#'s I know cause I use to work there ;) They just arrived in the states and could not speak a bit of english...(but dont forget that some fake that they cant speak english of course) ...very dangerous working with children and no communication with the children or co-workers....Some greedy employers dont care as long as they get cheap labor.

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