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Long distance phone call?

I live in Vancouver WA (Not, BC, or DC.) The state above Oregon.

For my cell phone plan, weekends are free, including long distance. And I was wondering if I wanted to call someone in Canada would it cost something?


My company is Verzion

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    next to Skype this is another good one!!!

    it's HQ from Iowa!!

    skype is free until 12/31/06.....

    or here are another bunch of good deals!! - 3.9 cents per minute for state-to-state calls. No minimum usage requirements, but the company has added a .99 cent monthly fee. New customers get 100 free minutes.

    American Telecom Network - 4.9 cents per minute on state-to-state calls. No activation or monthly fees. CALL 1-888-ITS-GREAT for more information. - No longer a monthly fee, and no minimum usage fees. Interstate calls are 2.6 cents a minute. Intrastate rates vary depending on the location of the calling party. Members get $5 in free calls to other BRW members each month. - 3.9 cents a minute with 6-second billing. If you make more than $20 in calls a month or if you are willing to "autopay" you bill, consider this plan. If not, don't use this service or you will be charged a fee. - 2.9 cents a minute on state-to-state calls, except for Alaska and Hawaii. There is a 95¢ monthly service fee if you want to pay by credit card and receive a monthly paper bill, and a $1.95 monthly service fee if you want to pay by check. No monthly fee if you opt for online billing. - 2.5 cents if you use a local access number; 2.9 cents otherwise, except if you use a payphone. No monthly fee. Comparable international rates. - 2.9 cents a minute for some state-to-state calls and to other Pioneer members. Consider this plan only if you make more than $25 in calls each month. Otherwise, you will be charged a $2 "low usage fee."

    Total Call International - 3.9 cents a minute for state-to-state calls. Only consider this plan if you make more than $20 in calls. Otherwise, you'll be charged $2.50 a month. Higher per-minute plans available with no fees.

    Source(s): PC-to-phone or PC-to-PC services: - Make free phone calls all over the world to anyone else who has the Skype software on their computer. Download program from the site and talk with your friends and family for free! - Get free worldwide calling with this phone, which plugs into a broadband Internet connection. The recipient must also have a SIP Phone for the call to go through. Calls are made over your Internet connection and can be made from state to state or country to country for free! Two phones cost $129, or get one for $80. - PC to phone pre-paid calls can now be purchased in $15 and $25 amounts. Long distance calls within the United States are 4.9 cents outside the U.S. calls are 6.9 cents a minute. net2phone - Net2Phone now charges 2 cents a minute for calls from your PC to any telephone in the US. Interntional rates vary.
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    usually it's only for the country you're in. my fiance lives in wa state too and i'm in canada and on his cell phone it's like 45 cents a min. luckily i have a good plan. so i just call him back:P he's on cingular.

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    Depends on your carrier and the plan you have. Most offer free long distance but that is only for the US.

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    You can use Skype its FREE...check here

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