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A card from my close friend was "regifted", blatantly crossed out old names and re-used?

My friend gave me this card with my gift and I was quite shocked to see that he would do that. His gifts did not look regifted... why would he regift the card in such an obvious tasteless manner? I hope he didn't see the look of disgust on my face.

After thinking about it, I am bothered that he did this... should I say something to him?

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  • Jessy
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    This is called re-using, it is an environmentally responsible thing for your Friend to do, complement him on it, and pass the same card back to him next year.

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    You might want to have a couple of words with him regarding this use of card. But you may also suggest that the pair of you always exchange this card on an annual basis. One year one of you would have to buy the other a new card while the one with this regifted card would send it. Just a suggestion so it could become a comical ritual and at the same time you could let him know how hurt you were. Good luck.

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    Not sure if I would say anything. It is the holiday season. It is also a tacky regifting, but regifting is not horrible. He just made a little (big..) mistake in packaging your card.

  • Anonymous
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    Well, what did the card say? Maybe that card expressed what he wanted to say to you better than any other card he could find (probably not, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt :]). But think of it this way: at least he gave you a card. He could have just given you a gift with no card. But yeah, I agree, it would be kind of offensive to receive a card that was not personally for me. Tell him it hurt your feelings, but try not to blame him. Find out his intentions first.

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  • lex
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    ask him,,he is a bloke and may not place the importance that you do,,you got a card didnt you,,,tell him with a smile he is a cheapskate and see what he says then let it go,,he wont do it again unless you can make it a cheeky tradition.if he were a boyfriend it would be tasteless but from a friend,,it shouldnt be such a huge deal.

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    I think you will find that he forgot to buy the card meant for you. Guys are like that??? Go figure. He may have thought any card was better than no card at all. LOL Kind of funny went you put it into perspective. I'm sure the thought was there.

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    well confront him about it and ask why he did something so tasteless. He might have enjoyed the card so much that he wanted you to have it as well, OR, he might have been embarassed at not finding a card to go with your gift.

    Either way, ask him openly and not yelling and i am sure you will get the answer.

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    sure, tell him u liked the gift but why the regifted card? is it a joke or is he just inconsiderate

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    I would be embarrassed for him! You don't really have to say anything. When his birthday comes up (or whatever) cross out your name and put his on the same card. See how long it will last after that!

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    I love Sunsets answer

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