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Inspiron 6400....????

how good is it?

i configured it a little...

core 2 duo 1.83

1 gb 667mhz ram(ddr2)

120gh hard disk

ati x1400 256 mb (is it integrated? is it good?)

15,4 inch wide+truelife

9 cell battery

playing games(sims 2 and battlefield and gta ...) on normal settings, mostly chat and surf the web and sometimes music....

if this ain't good, what would you choose?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I have this, bought it about two weeks ago. Have had no problems with it yet so far.

    The only glitch I've found is with the battery. I upgraded to the 9 cell like yourself, but I've found when it's off the plug the battery will only last for an hour or two... It could be because I never plugged the laptop in and let it charge for a few hours before turning it on when I first got it, or if could just be a problem in my laptop which I might ring them about.

    I think this laptop is especially designed for people who use media a lot - like music, dvds etc. There are keys on the front which you can press to activate the media centre straight away, and it also has volume buttons on it too which is quite cool.

    Hope this was some help!

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  • 1 decade ago

    That is a very good laptop in my opinion. The core duo should make that computer run very fast. the 15 in screen is very nice in a laptop. 9 cell battery makes certain that you will have a long battery life. The 120 gb should be more than enough. Since it is just for games that is a screaming computer and will work great with sims 2 battlefield and gta. i would go with this.

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