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Kids are spoiled now a days don't you think?

I mean I see these kids in the mall using cell phones thats cost 200 dollars or more with all these features on them. If I was a parent and my kid wanted a cell they would have to pay for it. I understand if you need one for emergency purposes but just to talk on for these kids it stupid. I am not a parent but parents ruin kids today. Not all but a lot. We give me everything they want my cousin for example got a laptop, i pod and clothes for xmas thatis a lot of money for one child. Then when you ask em do something they complain. Kids in the U.S. are spoiled lazy in school and thye do nothing when they come home play video gmaes and watch tv its ashame. I am not trying to be cynical but most of our kids our being ruined.

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    I'll have to agree with you on this one. There are two types of spoiled children. Spoiled children of rich people....they buy their children whatever they want so as not to have to give them what they really need, the parents time. There are also spoiled children of poor people.........they allow their children to do and say whatever they want, because they are too busy to discipline them and they figure that they might as well let them get away with murder because they can't provide the fun stuff.

    Assuming spoiled means bad and beyond help, I think it's sad that these kids are being raised these ways. I have two children and I raise mine the way my parents raised me. They work for things they want and they are held to high standards as far as behavior is concerned.

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    As the mother of 5 kids, I totally agree with you. My children are 12, 11, 7, 5, and 18 mos. I cannot tell you how many people think my husband and I are way too strict with our kids. They have their own rooms with a bed, desk, dresser, lamp and cd boombox.... no tv's, video games or anything. They may decorate with posters or whatever they want. We have an x-box in the family room, no x-box on school nights and very limited on weekends and vacations. We limit tv, and no they do not have a cell phone nor will they be getting one anytime soon. I have no desire to "keep up with the Jones'" and I LOVE the "but Mooommm all the kids have them etc... " They aren't out after dark, their curfew is when the street lights go on. When they need a laptop for school, it will be well documented so it will be tax deductible. Also, nobody but Mom or Dad uses the computer unless it is a school project then we sit down in the common area and work on it together. My kids love to read and be read to.

    The kids have regular chores and they do it without an allowance. They do extras and they don't get paid for that either. I told them when I got paid for cleaning my own house, I would pay them. However when there is a school event or something, it is paid for.

    I do not tolerate disrespect ot rudeness. Our kids are taught manners and are expected to use them. I can take my kids to any restaraunt and not worry about being embarrassed. I have had diners look at the 7 of us in horror when we walk into a restaurant knowing their experience is ruined.... those same people are the ones who come to us later and compliment us on the children's behavior.

    We are far from perfect however I wanted you to know that not all parents are "ruining" their children... Bless you.

    PS..... Finacially we could easily afford to provide all the things kids say they cannot live without.... we have chosen not to. We take family vacations, camp all summer and go out to eat about 1-2 times a week. My kids are not unhappy and they are not brats. I am very proud of my children.

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    Lol the funny thing is it takes parenting to raise kids and somewhere along the line more and more people have decided that things raise kids and those kids are lazy and selfish and unable to make good decisions. Welcome to the future!

    I am a mom, I have rules and follow through and say NO, if you can imagine. I come home after work and do homework with her and TALK to her. I set limits and make her responsible for her choices.. that's what parenting is.

    And she has to live in a world with other peoples ill raised brats.

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    You are absolutely correct. The children of today are rude, disrespectful and unruly!! I see so many parents buying off their kids just so they leave them alone!! If you do not want to deal with children, don't have them or adopt them!! Parents ruin their children by giving them everything they want - children then expect to have bigger and better as time goes on. How about make your children earn what they want: clean, cook, run errands, do community service.... the possibilities of raising a respectful child are endless!!!

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    you are correct. Some kids are spoiled, and its the parents fault. My daughter is 14, yes she has a 300 dollar cellphone(it is a phone & MP3) but she worked for it. She babysits, does her chores,and she makes great grades in school. I dont pay her to do chores, but she is rewarded if she does chores without being asked. Kids need to learn that you have to earn things in life, nothing is just given to you. It is the parents job to teach them this.

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    I do agree that some kids are spoiled with material things with out being taught simple manners and discipline, but, there are many parents out there that spoil their children *because* they are good students, help out around the house, and are responsible.

    My babies are only 2 and 3 but I love spoiling them. My oldest helps me clean (usually, she is only three), they both say please and thank you, and in general are very sweet little kids. They have their days they do not listen, but mostly, are doing well. I hope to be able to keep instilling good behavior in them, and if that is the case I will be spoiling them as much as my budget will let me.

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    nicely I actual does not purchase my 11 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous a cellular telephone (I have an 11 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous) and he also would not have his personal computing gadget or the different instruments apart from an ipod nano and a Nintendo DS which he under no circumstances performs. My older boys do have cell phones yet not severe priced ones, my twins are 16 and my different son is 14. I have one 16 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous who would not even choose a telephone, he under no circumstances makes use of it until eventually he is going to a chum's residing house. We were given him the phone extra for us to be able to the contact him. maximum human beings lately have become rid of their residing house phones and basically making use of their cell phones. I hate it at the same time as my little ones bypass to a chum's residing house and that i have no thanks to the contact them until eventually i understand the mother and father cellular quantity. I favor to be able to receive my little ones at the same time as i choose or favor to. also my little ones are on the a at the same time as the position they bypass places on my own which includes the films or the skate park...I undertaking you in searching an section like this that still has a pay telephone. at the same time as my son is on the skate park he desires his telephone to call me if he were to get damage or at the same time as he's waiting to be picked up. We lived with out cell phones at the same time as i replaced right into a baby yet there replaced into also a pay telephone or a land line everywhere you went, lately there is not. As for all those different instruments, i imagine it relies upon on each and each toddler. My 14 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous has his personal pc which he actual paid for himself at the same time with his savings yet he's also an excellent toddler who's a immediately A student who's to blame. My twins were given mini laptops from their grandparents at the same time as they graduated eighth grade. They specially use them for homework. We actually have an Xbox360. i imagine if mother and father could have the funds for the hot technologies and they experience their little ones earn it and deserve it then that's their organization.

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    totally agree and the kids these days have no respect for anyone

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    Kids AND adults.

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    yea my mom and dad get me everything i want

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