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Hey... so curious...ended my last period 6dec, and had intercourse on 27dec (I should normally be expecting my next period JAN3rd)... I know I have already passed my most fertile days, is there ANY chance though that I could still get pregant?? Or is it a no brainer thAT i AM NOT preggers!

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    Everyone's cycle is different. There is a myth that woman ovulate 14 days after their period begins...but that is only an AVERAGE and each month can be different. The other thing is that sperm can live inside you for up to 5 days.... so if you are having a shortened cycle one month and you have sex right after your period and you ovulate earlier than day 14 than yes, there is a chance of getting pregnant. The only way to know is to know exactly when you ovulate. There are several ways to know and some are more effective than others. Some can only predict before ovulation happens and some can only predict that is has already happened. The absolute best info I can give you is to go read a book called Taking Charge of your fertility by Toni Weschler. It will help you understand your body and all the myths about it. It will help you time when you are ovulating and the best times to conceive – or not! . It's about knowing your body and knowing when you are fertile or not.

    My husband and I tried for 1 year and had no luck..… We tried ovulation predictors , laying with pillows under me for 20 min. everything……the first month that I began using the book I realized that my timing was WRONG!. We got pregnant that very first month and I am now due Feb 2, 2007. You can pick and choose what you do with your info. Good luck and don't listen the all the myths! Even if you don't get into charting and will help you in so many ways!

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    You absolutely can still get pregnant. Not all women ovulate the same time every month. Also, stress and other factors (like diet and exercise) can cause you to ovulate later or earlier then usual. Theroretcially, you could become pregnant, even when you have your period- not likely- but possible. In short, there's never a time during your cycle when you are 100% safe (unless you're already pregnant)

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    i think no but r u a women or a man because ur photo is of a men cant have period and cant get pregnant so plz change ur photo

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    Well just be patient but you can satisfy your curiosity by testing yourself. You may not find out now if you don't test yourself.

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