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qeastion about runescape player mods plese help cany ou plese i carante that ill choose best ansewr!?

So today since i report alot of poeplei wanted to become a player moderate and this guy from my world or somethen said that i can become a player moderate and he siad even thouigh i didnt do alot of things he siad hell make me a player moderate and give me a 100k! He siad that i have to give my pass and my bank pin so he can do something with it and he said that it would only take him 2 minutes so i gave my pass and bank pin and then he siad ill log out and then he logged back into my acount saying that jadex says that i have to wait till january 11 till i can open my acount he siad that if i log into my acount my acount will be deleted by some kinda machine that will work on it so then i was taking for a little while wih him on my friends acount and so he siad dont log in or go change your recovery qeastions or pass so shold i trust him or not didi the same thing happen to you poeple when you become a player mod this is for poeple that are pleyer plese tell cause am i secure?

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    You're an idiot. You really gave someone your log in info?? What kind of moron... never mind. There is no such machine that can delete your account if you log in. The fact that you wanted to get something for nothing has compromised what little work you did do in the game. You have been scammed and I highly doubt you can even log into your account because it has probably been jacked. DO NOT EVER GIVE OUT YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON UNLESS YOU KNOW THEM PERSONALLY!!!!!! Even then I would advise against it. And next time you decide to ask a question make sure it is easier to read i.e.; grammer, punctuation, spelling, etc.

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    you got scammed he probably took all of ur stuff including your pass i think you should log on anyway and see if it gets deleted then report him and make a new account

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    You were scammed I would go and recover your account ASAP. no moderator would ever ask for your password to set something up on your account.

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