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What do you think of this?

I have a crush on a guy friend of mine, whom I see at work everyday. I have suggested to him that we stop talking altogether so I can get over him. He knows I have a crush on him. What do you think of this?

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    Well, do my thoughts really count or you just throwing questions on the board 'cause you're bored?. You have to make that decision, that's the one thing about Y!A I don't like We Don't Be Knowing All The Circumstances.. Why oh why do y'all women play these games with men? Yes, there's some fun in the chase but is it worth it? Also when it comes to workplace romance there's a chance of Sexual Harrassment.

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    That won't work if you have to see him at work everyday. Seeing him and not talking to him at all would actually make it worse, I'd think. Is he taken? If that's the case then just pray on it, try to practice a little self-control, and not give in to your personal desires at all. You don't want to go down that road of messing with somebody else's man, else some crazed lunatic will be coming up to your job and cussing you out. If he's single, and you're single, then what's the worry? You have a crush on him and he knows it - go on out to a movie or something and spend some time away from work getting to know him. Some time away from work will help you decide if you should pursue it further.

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    Ask him out! If he says no, it will be easier to get over him. Also, I wouldn't suggest not talking. Just because you have a crush on him doesn't mean you guys can't be friends.

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    I honestly think you should just come clean about your feelings. If he likes you back, then great, if not, then at least you know the truth. Just ignoring the situation might work if you really want to get over the guy, but it might lead to some regret in the future.

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    The stop talking thing never works it will only make you want to talk to him more. Since he knows ask him how he feels about you.

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    you know what? that's kinda not good to do. eventually you'll find someone else you like and you'll forget about your friend. ending things like that nt make a difference. plus you're risking losing him as a friend because of whtyou told him. be careful cuz you do see him everyday at work. just continue talking to him, you'll eventually forget him. trust i went through this too.

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    just by not talking to him isn't going to make you stop liking him. i mean unless you are going out with some one else or it is against the policies of you company or he is seeing some one else, then it probably would be OK to see him. you can't really stop youself from liking someone. i mean nothing's wrong with maintain a healthy friendship.

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    is it really possible 4 u to stop talking all together??

    you will only find him mor irresistible and he will taunt you.

    You need to face him and dont ignore your feelings even if you can't express them.

    You have to try hard to control your emotions.

    It won't kill you to face him. Just try to see him as OTHER PEOPLE'S PROPERTY and set boundaries in your mind, that you will NEVER cross.

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    i mean that would be best if yall cannotjust be friends and yall dont want a relationship and all i mean i really think that if yall cant be together no need to mope around and hang on to something that is not meant to be and all i really think that you need to figure out what is best fo you good luck

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    If you stop talking to him, it may drive you nuts. Just go with the flow. If you are meant to be together, you will!

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